"Not Allowed To Use Front Door"

In my company, the Chain of Command has a rule. That is, If you are a private (E-1 thru E-4) You are not allowed to use the front door of the company, you must walk through the back with your squad leader as you are not allowed to just show up at the company for any reason. Every one else in my company seems to be perfectly fine with this rule and of course we all follow it but in my mind, i am completely speechless. Am I not as worth it as anyone else to use the front door? or other privates? I think this rule is completely BS. It always mesmerizes me how some individuals after serving for 18+ years get to a position and they begin to make up their own f rules.

What do you guys think?
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The only place I have seen something similar was down range where the door to the command tent that was near the 1st Sgt and Co's offices was off limits. But, it was off limits to everyone because the wind would shoot in through the door and wreak havoc on everything. It wasn't a BS exclusionary rule, it was a rule for the good of everyone. I also don't see the value in not allowing people around the Company. As long as you're acting like a soldier and doing the right thing why shouldn't you be allowed at your place of business? If you're not acting like a soldier and doing the right thing there is an entire host of solutions available courtesy of the UCMJ to address your performance short comings. Bottom line your command team sounds like a real pack of D-bags.

It's just so absurd to me. It's so frustrating

My guess is that the front door is too close to where the command team has their offices and they don't want the lower enlisted to hear all the leadership discussions and telephone calls.

I think it's a ******* door and you're looking for an excuse right now to ***** and complain. Look, if they had every joe with a problem walking in and out of the front of company it would be a goddamned circus.

If they've been in for 18+ years, it's their job to make up their "own f rules" as it takes an act of congress to promote anyone to E7 and above. Trust me newbie, they're given that power for a reason.

You sound like a tool that has been in 18 years and likes to say random dumb sh!t to joes in an effort to impress them with how much of a bad @ss NCO you are.

You and I both know that congress doesn't really sit down and vote on each and every e7. it's really nice that they give you that piece of paper. Probably impresses your non-Army buddies to no end. The truth it all you have to do is take your DA photo and submit your packet. Long as you haven't gotten caught raping any soldiers, been convicted of a DUI, or pissed hot you're probably good to go.

PS, it also doesn't take an act of congress to take those rockers off of an E-7's chest either. It takes a Colonel. That is it.

Keep on keeping on though, you're doing a good job tool bag.

Think you are full of it. I have never seen a base where you did not use the front door of the barracks

I clearly stated it was the company's front doors. I think i mentioned that a couples of times.

My statement still stands I have never seen a base where I had to use the back due to see a base commander or a company commander.

Well our experiences are obviously not the same because where i am at, this is almost becoming a policy lol

And to correct you, I'd suggest you look up the differences between a "post" and a "base." Totally different but it has nothing to do with why my COC does not allowed PVTs to use the front door of the company to conduct business.

You are right maybe it is I am precisely a different time then when I served this country or the old country sure we had officers who were ***** that is only part of the game, we also enlisted that, we're fools

Most of the high command officers I had to deal with after I got out of the hospital gave me and my partner respect, but they also gave to most others
but then again this has become a country of 2 sides and is fast heading into a civil war i feel between the government that wants to give things away to those here without papers and the vets that have to fight for all we get.

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