Army, A Really Messy Yesterday

does the army hate it soldiers, or is it the 101st? not so sure what one it is, but i know i cant get any wose that where im at. ive been a line medic for some time, with 2 deployments under my belt and a third one just around the corner. i dont know where to even start why i feel the way i do... for starters, i need shoulder surgery, but i was told i cant get it till after i come back. wtf?!?!? like carrying full gear through the mountains is gonan make it better. being in constant pain sucks. but i guess they can get a few months out of me over there, so they will be happy. my wife is in the ang. her unit left for thier "jrtc" 3 days after i got back from mine. supposed to be back next month, but they decided to extend it a week or so. whe will be back for two weeks before she deploys. i deploy three months after that. wont see her again till feb 2011. god forbid we get some time together. im just so pissed off at the army. im up at 0345 to go to work. i get home at 2000 every ****** night. they say thats enough time to see my family. my own daughter hardley recognizes me cause im never home. is this the life i really want to live. **** no. anyone else going through a real ****** time too??? could really use some advice before i punch my platoon leader in the face

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No i think the army does hate its soldiers, i guess they figure since you sign up you should be treated like **** and lets not even talk about families. they dont give 2 sh$%s about the families. I love how theres all this support the troops things around but the army doesnt support the troops at all. F@$% the Army. I cant wait to get out.

THE ARMY IS A BUNCH OF BULLS***, Tell your kids to go to college first! stay home on your couch, cut grass, deliver news papers hell do anything but DO NOT ENLIST IN THE ARMY!!!! If i were rich I would pay kids going into the recruiters office to turn around and go to school.

No, she is wrong!!! It never gets better. The Army expects to be able to put it's soldiers through hell and then has the nerve to make you talk to a retention NCO so that they can tell you all of the ****** things that will happen to you on the civilian side. The try to keep you from your family and act as if they never saw it coming when a soldier goes ape**** and blows away his whole company. Things can be avoided. I was in Germany sitting in an office all day, doing absolutly nothing and my Platoon SGT had the audacity to keep us there until 2000. For no reason other than the fact that she could. Now, I am deployed right now. I got here in September and now my husband is deploying sometime this month. To make matters worse his unit was in the field when I deployed and he had to talk to the chaplin just to come see me off. So, the Army does hate its soldiers but they need to remember, without soldiers there is no Army and after this stoploss thing is over. They are going to be hurting. <br />
In closing, we should be proud of being in the Army but there comes a point in your career when you realize, it's not something that 80% of the U.S. population can't do. It's just that only 20% of the population is stupid enough to sign away their life for money. I wish i could be more helpful to you but I just want to be honest

Well I guess your 80% of the stupid people. Really Soldiers did not join the Army for money or stay in for money. Anyone can look at what a Soldier gets paid and see your not going to get rich or even be well off. Really Soldiers do it for pride in self, their country and for stupid people like you so you can spout off about how your getting screwed over. Deal with it or get the hell out

It's okay, it will get better.<br />
<br />
I know that is not what you want to hear, and it may **** you off even more, but you are a Soldier and it is your right to complain. The Army is hard, the pay is poor until you get some more rank under your belt, usually well into your second enlistment, and it can be dangerous. The hours are long. The work can be tedious. The work can be hard has he!!. But you know what? You are doing something that 80% of the population can't do, whether because of physical limitations or discipline limitations on their part. Being in the 101st, you probably have rapid deployments with little down-time, and what precious little CONUS time you get, you have WLC, BNCOC and whatever else to go to. Your post sounds like you are tired. Hang in there, get some rest when you can and just try to stick it out. You know, it will get better.