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 I was in the Army Reserves for almost 5 years. I hated it so much. My advice to anyone wanting to join, don't do it unless you like being a *******. It did make me realize how great life really is, if you not in the army. 

I had to fly down to my unit four times out of the year since my MOS (job) was not part of any units near my home. I had to pay a $300 round trip plane ticket just for a weekend that was always hell. Lots of waiting around doing nothing. There were things to do, but I couldn't do them. I was only there four times out of the year. I was a paralegal and I never did it outside the army so I was pretty clueless when it came to doing paralegal tasks. During the rest of the year I had to take time off work to go work with active duty at a near by base two days each month. They just always made me take out trash, vacuum, or shred paper. I meet some cool people in the army but no one I kept in touch with. Most of the higher ranking people are ********.  

Things that I really hate about the Army:

Army leadership. Basically they act like they know stuff but really they don't. Leadership positions do not require tests based on knowledge of their position or job. Instead it's based a really stupid point system, and a type of school which you just have to basically pass the PT test and you graduate. Seen lots of people get E5, that were stupid. It's truly scary. No wonder why the Iraq war was a failure.

What really sucks is that they have you for 8 years. Yea you signed up for a contract for two years active duty or six years reserves. But, they really have you for 8 years. They can call you up even if you completed your two years. Which they have been doing due to the frequent deployments. 

Stop loss. Another way to screw us over.

Mess halls, food is crap. Some units actually make their soldiers PAY for that crap food each month.


I wrote the above post many years ago and I'm missing one important detail. One critical thing that I came to realize. 

Many more have suffered more than me. Many soldiers have been screwed by the army and they accepted it as part of the job. At least I and others have the common sense to recognize a terrible organization and left.

Now I have a BS in biology with a GPA over 3.5 and pursuing a Masters in Statistics. Everyday is just wonderfully free of Army a**holes and everyone communicates and treats me with respect. Its odd that I feel like my co-workers and boss care for me. 

However, many are still dealing with the army a**holes. My advice: Get the hell out as soon as possible and its so wonderful when it's over. And if your thinking of joining, please I beg of you do not join. 

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Yeah. The Army is full of fucktard arseholes that think their rank is tied intimately to their worth as human beings.

So very much is wrong with the army.

Wow just like the guy below stated... Your station if it was over 100
Miles then you had to sign a waiver so you already knew where it was & your contract you knew how long that was when you joined so you coming on here saying how bad you have it did nothing more than make you look bad. Good thing you didnt join the Marines

No, there was no waiver. You were not at my unit so you don't pretend like you know what happened. My guess is your a SGT that thinks he/she knows everything.
After I left my unit, finally the leadership started talking about paying for hotels and transport.

The Army, Navy, Marine, and Air force suck. If anyone is thinking of joining, please do not join. They get kids to join for the GI bill, however, the Armed forces are only for specific people that like to kill others and are as*holes.

Treehugsarefree, you should have chosen a different MOS. While there are plenty of things about the Army that suck, your complaints are pretty much ALL the results of your own bad decision. If you're not a paralegal in the civilian world, then you wasted your MOS on a job skill that you never needed. You should have chosen something else. If you had chosen a job that was actually used in a Reserve unit closer your home, you may have gotten to do something on your weekends instead of sit around and watch the other soldiers training or working--and you wouldn't have had to fly to a distant location at your own expense. Sounds to me like you're no smarter than the NCOs and officers that you insulted in your post.

Yes, you do have to pass the APFT for nearly everything in the Army and it's usually difficult for Reservists to do that since by and large they tend to be too fat and lazy to do 2 minutes of pushup, 2 minutes of situps, and run a couple of miles down the road and back once a day. I didn't think the chow sucked that bad most of the time (except MREs...most of those suck).

Yeah, there's lots about the Army that sucks but you're service sucked for you because you chose an MOS that was useless to you. That's honestly one of the stupidest things I've seen in the Army in my 8 year enlistment...and you're not the only soldier who made that same bad choice.

This is what I'm talking about. Another leadership person that thinks they know everything. This guys is so dumb.... I picked my MOS than had to move to another city. The POINT is, the army is had no concern for me and basically stepped all over me. Telling me that I should have picked another MOS, DUR. No one would help me out so I suffered for many years. I can just tell this person is an a**hole, and steps on everyone with lower rank.

I passed all my PT test. I showed up to drill on time and in proper uniform. I was a good kid and that was my problem. I should have raised hell and been a sloppy mess.

im still in iraq, i have had to deal with all sorts of bs here, racial comments towards arabs from higher officers( one said we should spray pork all over the country and beat people with the coran openly) and just was recently called a ****** by a 1st sergeant for no reason, not to mention being mortared within 150 meters from were i was standing and our unit saying we werent close enough to get a cab, really ?? i hear you on the pt test thing cause all you have to do is have a good shot group and a pt score and your a super soldier, i dont fit so they will try to push me out just like they will with all the other people who dont think like them.

army is for losers.

i got kicked out the army for having sex with a white guy...and that didn't sit well with army nco's who didn't like seeing people from different races mixing together during their personal time...the nco's will never directly address the issue because they do not want to appear as racists but they will find some other non-issue and use it as their battering ram...i got picked at for nonsense trivial stuff and was sent back to my unit stamped as a troublemaker for standing up to racists...the army made its biggest mistake sending back home because i changed all my personal information and circumstances to where they have no data to track down with....