We Had A Perfectly Good Hat

Not really a story, but a common experience I think. I was in the Army when ( seemingly on a whim) the chief of staff of the army decided we would all wear berets instead of the camouflage cap. About ten years have passed and I dont think even 1 percent of soldiers I have met like it. The beret has no utility (like keeping sun out of your eyes) and is hard to put on with one hand, if you are carring something in the other you have to stop, put your stuff down somewhere and adjust your hat first.

There used to be a "traditon" that when a soldier was done with his active service obligation he would tie his bootlaces together and fling the pair up over a power line on the way off post. This being symbolic of hanging up the uniform.

I suggest throwing the berets up into a tree or something to display our displeasure.
stingrey stingrey
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1 Response Apr 29, 2011

Oh sure, now that I'm retired they change back to PCs. I put up with that stupid beret for ten years.