Right Place At The Right Time

That pretty much sums up The Beatles success. Music had hit a bit of a lull on the back of the domination of rock and roll in the 50's and along come four cheeky chaps from Liverpool playing, what was basically, ten-a-penny poppy love songs.

Now, it's not through lack of trying, but to me The Beatles have been over-hyped massively. Massively. Surpassed in every department since they cling, mysteriously, to this 'best band ever' tag. Bullshit.

I can't actually believe there are so few people in this group, but that's probably down to peer pressure and people wanting to avoid being shunned on forums and even in society because they dare to question The Beatles talent.

I don't care. The Beatles are ****. There, I said it.
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

'deleted'? Yeah unlike the Beatles back catalogue! What a tone deaf jackass! Listen to all the eras dopehead, not just the early stuff, which melodically is still superb! What do u like? Shouty, screamy crap that 'expresses' how you feel so much better? Aw, bless- get a life and get out of mine you loser!

OMG, you're so wrong. Not only were Paul and John amazing songwriters (I mean, have you heard A Day In The Life or In My Life?) but they were so COOL. You just don't get it. Sorry.

you not a very clever person are you?