Beatles Or Beatlefans...which Is Worse?

I have never enjoyed hearing the music of the beatles and over the years I have heard LOTS of it. It is inescapable. If I have the choice I simply change the channel...unfortunately they are so over-exposed you hear them in stores, on TV commercials, in movies, and on TV shows. I don't know what is worse?: the music or the fans. The music and the miscreants that made it are hard to take. But the fans may be even worse...many simply to refuse to admit it is possible to dislike the beatles. Their mantra seems to be "you just haven't heard enough of their music." YES I HAVE. How much excrement must one consume before they are "allowed" to state they dislike feces? Another aspect that makes the beatles even more hateworthy is the way they are marketed. Advertisers of beatles inc. would have you believe that they are everyone's favorite band. They are presented as if they are responsible for all musical advances made since they existed. They are credited for things which they simply ripped off. The beatles are a boy band that was in the right place at the right time and nothing more. If you like their music, that's your problem...don't force them on me.
matteblackgun matteblackgun
41-45, M
Nov 19, 2011