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You NEVER get the blue screen of death on a Mac.  The worst thing that ever happens on a Mac is that an individual program crashes.  When that happens, all you have to do is Force Quit it, and then it's fine.  The OS never crashes though.  No viruses either!  Everybody switch to Mac!

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If you've never had a Mac, how can you possibly know what you're missing though?

Hmm...they must have done something different with OS X. My OS actually did freeze once, but that was my fault. Other than that, it's never happened. The time it did freeze, it was because I installed an app for OS 10.4 on 10.5. Basically what happened is I shut my computer down, and when it got to the blue screen, FileVault started up, and then it froze permanently.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but I have worked with Macs since the Apple IIe days, and I saw G3's in particular that used to freeze up quite often. Not just an individual program - it was a freezing of the entire OS. <br />
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After a lot of service calls, it turned out it was because of excessive heat. Steve Jobs disdain for fans really screwed the G3's in our poorly-cooled building. We had portable fans in key spots, but the overall temperature was just a little too high for those sensitive machines. We'd get a G3 freezing nearly every day for a while there. The Apple techs were our best friends after a while!<br />
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My old iBook G3 used to totally freeze, too. We had to send it back and get a warranty-based replacement. <br />
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I think the G3's in particular had a tough time handling OS 9.x as they began ramping up to X. We used to have to clear the PRAM, for example, almost daily. And the stupid little battery on the board? Those things died faster than we could keep them in stock. Seriously. <br />
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Sorry, but that's my experience with Macs freezing. I know it would be better if I just drank the koolaid and let the culture of cool wipe my memory clean... but I lost all my taste buds - and any blind admiration for Lord Jobs - years ago due to a freak and sudden onset of thinking and seeing for myself.

You could ask for one for a gift. Even though they are expensive, they're definitely worth it. My MacBook Pro is my best friend!