From what I'm reading I see that everyone hates the "populars". I am popular at my school and I hate when girls and even guys have hate for us. I mean they really don't know us but they pretend they do. So they automatically hate us. We don't do anything wrong, we literally just enjoy life just as everyone else does but everyone looks at us and tries to find any amount of insults they find and sit there and just make fun of us. I have a boyfriend and almost all my friends have boyfriends and people think it's unfair that were the only ones that will get boyfriends but that's not true. They need to come out of their shells and stop being so shy. None of my friends sit around at sleepover and say "I hate her and I hate him and her and she's ugly " and to be honest the so called "losers" are the ones who do that. They have so much hate that's so stupid and their the reason no one likes them or whatever! They drive me insane. So yah me and my friends are popular because we're nice friendly kind to everyone and pretty because we are confident. Think twice next time you go by the stereo type of a popular girl.
Beyourself11 Beyourself11
Nov 30, 2012