What The H3ll Are You So Effing Happy About?

...Don't TELL me to have a good day! I will have a sh!tty day if I want to!
...Life sucks, and then you die.
...Some days I think the Earth has no gravity; the world just sucks.
...The glass is half-empty. It wasn't a clean glass either. And it was tap water.
...Remember, everything is darkest before it just goes pitch black.
...If you pass out on the bathroom floor, doesn't it feel so very soft and cool?
...Everything you own is going to break or be lost; if you manage to keep it until the end of your life it's STILL not going with you.

...Humans are evil little monkeys with tools.
...Everyone whom you love will hurt you terribly.
...Interior pain has no meaning, no matter how much meaning you try to give it, it just sucks.
...In fact, all of this crap has absolutely no meaning whatsoever, no matter how you try to tell yourself it does.
...It's all just entropy at work.

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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Sometimes I am envious of the bright-siders and so badly want to be one, sometimes I hate 'em too, but that's bpd for ya!

Any one who says life is fair is somebody with no sense of right or wrong . Any one who thinks people are the pinnacle of creation is naive fool and of cource some folks can be trusted more than others . Respect is something that can neither be bought or arrived from bullying it has to be earned. Courstesy is free until it is proven otherwise

Those that tell others about how happy they should feel, or telling them just how many blessings they have ,and should be exhaustively gratefully they should be at simply being alive , seem to be totally unaware and or completely lacking in empathy . Being sad should be no more shamefully than being happy . You should not give directions down a street you have never been to!!
Unfortunately the United States are over flowing with slap happy optimistics that say life what make you it but forget that being poor is something nobody ever asked for or deserves and it is harder to escape than any of Houdini's most toughest stunts !!So you are no alone in feeling sickened fanatical optimist