Okay someone forgot to tell me that my car was going to have ice all over it! UUHHH HH--EE--LL--LL--OO this is FLORIDA! Yeah and when it has ice what the heck do I do with it? Found out the hard way but MnM was quick to give me the rules...

See apparently putting water on an icey windshield makes more ice! I was out there with a book, freezing my tushy off, picking ice off my windshield so I could drive this morning. That's just not right! There is a reason I live in Florida, well several actually, but one is that I can jump in my car and go without thinking about white, cold stuff all over it!

The grass was white, the other cars were white, the world was just painted white! I miss my GREEN... trees, grass, palm trees! 

Okay someone do a magic spell and warm me up because I'm totally nippular and that's not a good thing! *chattering teeth*

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2 Responses Jan 22, 2009

Its interesting hearing people not being used to snow. we have snow every winter. I don't mind it. But it can get annoying at times. I guess I would mind it more if I drove. I know what you mean about liquids on icy surfaces, I had to clean house for guest and one thing I cleaned was windows with windex outside 'cause of kids hand prints. I sure learned my lesson lol.

UUHHH yeah, no the teen jumped a ride with the neighbor 'cause her car was defrosted before mine and my little ones were in the backseat with gloves and a blanket yelling "mommy snow".