I was born and raised in the northeast in the USA, but I always hated the cold weather. I'm the type that likes it around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit, and humid. I moved to Florida recently (also lived here from 2005-2009), and I feel like I'm living in bliss here! I don't even put the a/c on until around 3pm for about and hour or two, set at 78 degrees. I'm not even someone who likes ice in my drinks or even to feel a cool breeze. :D
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That's why I love charlotte

I live in the north east, and really dislike the cold as well. I don't like air conditioning or ice in drinks, LOL. I have a sweater on even in the summers. One of my life goals has been to move to Florida. Hoping to make that a reality soon.

You sound exactly like me to a T, lol! I said I don't like ice in drinks, but as I thought about it, I found one exception. Iced coffee :D

...and ice cream, even though that isn't a beverage :)

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Yes, iced coffee on a hot day is great, and ice cream is an exception, LOL. But I drink water that is room temp in the summer, and in the winter, I drink hot tea or hot beverages only. ;)

Hot tea is supposed to cool you down. That's why they drink it in India. Your tongue being hot triggers your body to cool down.

Wow, I had no idea about that. Very interesting!

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Have you relaxed and put on some weight since you moved?

No. I've always been this way. I'm about 125 pounds and then took up swimming. I have had other health issues in the past that have been resolved since, but I think the heat it's more of a preference for me.


What health issues?

There were many over the years that eventually began to rapidly accumulate from 2009-2012 that got pretty scary. Doctors kept misdiagnosing me with insulin-resistance being the underlying cause, and they were wrong...my blood work never even suggested I had the issue, yet they kept giving me medication and a diet for it. It turns out that all of the health issues/symptoms were all linked through gluten intolerance, and all 16 went away when I adopted the gluten-free diet. Lots of those problems in my family, and some of my extended family was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in England. Some of those symptoms may have interfered with how I felt temperature maybe...low blood pressure, hypoglycemia (entire side of my mother's side has it, but never developed into diabetes as it is often a precursor of), hormonal imbalances, and a lot of painful symptoms, etc.

My niece is gluten free as are some friends. Have found amazing chic chip cookies that are gluten free :)

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