Wow! I live in California; and it has been SO cold! I mean in the 30's cold. Like, I don't even know how I am surviving this. I mean thank GOD for heaters.

I have a friend who lives in New York, and they have been telling me that it has been in the 60s and 70s and I am like...WHAT!? Where is the snow? It's crazy. Like she says, "yeah! People are SO walking around in tank tops and shorts. It's sooo nice here" (imagine that in a valley girl voice)

I'm sittin' over here like...WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME. It's like cooking shows. You are watching the chefs make such a good meal and there is an audience and they say "mmm, smell that. It's delicious." I'm all having my butt try to sniff the bloody television, like NO.

That is how I feel when friends who are in an area in the world are telling me about heat when I am over here freezing my butt off and they then go into detail on how warm it is.

PLEASE. I hate the cold.
galaxyandbeast galaxyandbeast
18-21, F
Dec 29, 2015