Ugly Color

well i have had to give my self private therapy on this issue . sisne no one will help me with this . i hate this ugly color it looks like puke and it covered my bedroom as a kid i am slowely learning how to dael with it i guess this color makes me mad its ugly . i couldnt have A PRETTY BEDROOM I GET AN UGLY ONE . as a kid i didnt invite people over to my room because i was ashamed of it . i also had a pink bike as a kid and one time i got really pissed of at this clor i loved the bike but hated the color that i trashed the bike i scraped at the paint on it dragged it acroos the ground i tried to trash my room to but mom got mad the room loooked so better traqshed it hid that ugly color. this color brings out the anger in me
kevin5678 kevin5678
2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

i did not trash up my pink room but i wanted to i fantasized about doing it and it looked fun plus it looked so much prettier the thought of it being trashed . my parents now have painted the pink room in to a deep purple wich looks bettewr wish i could have had that color when i was a kid . my favortie color is lime green . when i was a kid i saw this color and feel in love with it lime green

it looks like ******* puke i ******* hate it