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I know im sorta poking my nose where it doesn't belong here.. but there are two points id like to raise.

The original versions of the bible, said to be handed down directly from the divine, are said to hold no writings of hell and no writings of satan. That the original scripture had stated that it was important to share love and enjoy life, to be happy and spread that happyness.

I just want to say that 1. If there IS a Satan, would not your hatred of him also count as a mark in his favour? If Satan exists and thrives on all the darkness of humanity, would not Any form of hatred (considered just or not) simply feed that which you so dispise?

and 2. Even if Satan does exist, and your theology is fully correct, the bible does not say God hates Satan. That he was considered misguided and lost. Prehaps if the current theology *is* spot on, God would pity Satan for falling? Hatred never did anyone, anywhere, any good.

So, thats my food for thought.
Flagg Flagg
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

To me, it seems more the creation of a conveniant enemy. A ultimate foe to blame for mortal fault.<br />
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I don't believe in hate, and I don't believe that anyone else is responsible for any of my actions. <br />
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I believe that nobody is born to "evil" whom wasn't already bad from one life or another, and that the majority of so called evil is human created. The definition is, and so are the results. Poverty and crime for one, begin with necessity and then continue through greed.<br />
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Prehaps compassion is whats truly called for? A return to balance and mutual sympathy for the downtrodden would help balm humanity's wounds better then whom is correct.<br />
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Light doesn't equate to pure goodness, nor does darkness mean hateful and evil.<br />
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In a way you might prefer better, if god created light then first must have been Dark.<br />
Without dark or night there is no balance, and a civilisation too steeped in either Falls.

Satan was known as the desolate one....desolate because he had been cast out of the light and can not see a way back to it, maybe??