Who Is Satan?

I. Origin of Satan
A. God created Satan:

1. God is the only eternal self-existent being represented in the Bible. Satan is not self-existent
2. Satan must have therefore had a point of origin: Col 1:16; Jn 1:3; Heb 1:2

B. Was Satan created good or evil?

1. All God created was good: Gen 1:31. God must have created Satan good.
2. Kind begets kind: God is good therefore He must have created Satan good.
3. Satan, like every man can choose to do good or evil.

C. Indications of Satan's fall:

1. Satan did not abide in truth: Jn 8:44
2. Satan fell into condemnation: 1 Ti 3:6
3. Angels (demons) were cast into Hades when they sinned: 2 Pe 2:4
4. Angels didn't keep their own domain...abandoned their proper abode...were cast down: Jude 6-7
5. War in heaven against Satan's army vs. Michael & angels...Satan cast out of heaven: Rev 12:7-9

D. The Devil and his fall

1. Isa 14:12-15 Refers to king of Babylon likening him to the  Devil.
2. V12: "Lucifer" (KJV) "star" (NASB) literally means, "shining one"
3. Ezek 28:13-19 Refers to the king of Tyre but in actuality is the Devil.

B. Satan has already lost his war against God
A. Historical victories of Satan:

1. Adam and Eve eating forbidden fruit
2. Enticing God's people to worship idols
3. Murder of Jesus Christ: Lk 22:3
4. Every time a Christian gives us on the faith and falls away: 1 Ti 1:18-20
5. Corruption of doctrine: 1 Ti 4:1-4 "doctrines of demons": Today there are 500 churches!

B. Major defeats of Satan in the Bible:

1. War in heaven, cast to earth: Rev 12:7-9
2. Job tests God's wisdom with Job, "you think Job is good, take away blessings...he will curse you"
3. Temptation in wilderness with Jesus: Mt 4:1-11
4. Cast out demons during ministry of Jesus: Lk 10:17-20
5. Sinless death & resurrection of Christ: Col 2:14-15; Heb 2:14-16; 1 Jn 3:8; Rev 1:18
6. Every time a sinner becomes a Christian: Acts 26: 18; Col 1:13 + Lk 15:7 "angels rejoice"

C. Satan was bound by Christ:

1. Ps 72:9, Mt 12:29, Isa 53:10 = Lk 10:17, Acts 2:34-36, 1 Cor 15:25-28, Col 2:15, Eph 4:8, Rev 20:1-6
2. Satan has power: 1 Pe 5:8, but it is limited: Jas 4:7
3. Satan is bound like a Pit Bull is chained to a pole. Powerless unless we enter his "circle"
4. Satan cannot force us against our will or possess us: 1 Cor 10:13

D. Devil & demons know that God has won & that they are damned: Mt 25:41; Jn 16:11

1. Mt 8:29 "Have you come to torment us before the time"
2. Jas 2:19 "demons believe God is united and tremble" (gr: "tremble" lit: to bristle up hair)
3. Mk 5:7; Lk 8:28 "do not torment me"
4. Mk 1:24; Lk 4:34 "have You come to destroy us"

E. Disobedient men will suffer same fate as Devil: Mt 25:41; Rev 20:10,14-15; 2 Th 1:6-9
A. The devil will attack you today in one of 5 ways:

1. Keep you out of the church
2. Get Christians back into the world
3. Render Christians useless
4. Disrupt or corrupt worship & doctrine
5. Cause trouble & division among brethren
Kohen Kohen
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3 Responses Nov 5, 2010

Let me first address the question on the forbidden fruit.God didn't lie, if you read carefully the only liar is Satan.“And the serpent said to the woman, ‘You surely shall not die!’(Genesis 3:4).Satan lied outright in assuring Eve that she would not die but he simply failed to tell her the fine print in his promise of what the forbidden fruit would offer.<br />
<br />
You left out verse 7 and 8 the consequence of eating the fruit.The whole reason why God had forbidden them from eating it.The consequences of sin mentioned here are shame and separation and difference between knowing right from wrong in an earlier verse.<br />
<br />
The nakedness which Adam and Eve shared without guilt was now a source of shame. Innocence was lost ,not only could they not face each other as they had before, but they dreaded facing God. When He came to have sweet fellowship with them, they hid themselves in fear.<br />
<br />
The process of physical death began on that fateful day, they did not die physically but spiritually, spiritual death is separation from God.Essentially sin is disobedience.<br />
<br />
Adam and Eve did not experience a higher form of existence, but shame and guilt. It did not provide them with more to enjoy, but spoiled what they previously experienced without shame.God was not the liar here.

I would like to give you some props for your response. I would add that sin after the original sin is no longer disobedience because disobedience implys a willful act. Spiritual seperation from God creates spiritual blindness which results in a sin guilt cycle if the Law is not propery applied..

Eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Implys reaping the consequences of the result of our spiritual blindness. One part of which is the loss of the true perspective of God and infinity and replacing it with the perspective of the finite or linear which has a beginning and end. The concept of death as foundational to our reality being tied to the concept of END..Which is also reflected by the very nature of Matter.

Thank you for that.

Instead of wondering why a loving, merciful, and compassionate God destroyed sinful people, why not wonder why a just, holy and true God was patient with them for such a long time considering their totally degraded behavior!<br />
<br />
Using your same argument in view of the absolute holy character of God as presented in the Bible, why does he bear with any of us? Why was He willing to send His Son to die for our sin so that they who believe on Christ might be saved? This is the mystery which finds its answer in God’s love.