And Look At The Arm Hair

How can anyone stand to have arms that hairy? No offense. but I don't like body hair. I think her eyebrows are perfect though. Go figure? But God, those can anyone think that looks good? 

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3 Responses May 17, 2012

What is it? An alien?

She looks like she's had an allergic reaction or been in a boxing match ; )

wow this is just scary and sad how sad cause she thinks it's ok. it's called 'body dysmorphic disorder' ppl go and constantly get procedures done, etc. it's very complicated psychological disorder. i saw a show last night where a walking woman THOUGHT as a parapalegic. She would always travel in a wheelchair. Her wish was to have her spine damaged so she would be a full parapaletgic. WTF?! BUT, she loves to hike!! Yeah talk about an impossible paradox! In any case, it was on the show Taboo.