My Life Revolves Around Technology - I Hate Technology

There is nothing I love more than being out in the middle of nowhere and completely out of range of anything technology driven -- or anything that plugs in or uses a battery for that matter....

But I work in a technology-oriented job, I use the web, mobile phones, etc. for just about everything "essential" in my life and so much that is not (lilke this site!!!) -- it used to be OK because you could escape it when you wanted to, but now no matter where you are, you're always in range...and worse everyone expects that you are in range -- work, social, you name it.  Going off the radar seems like it's become a modern form of career and social suicide.

But I often wonder if it's not the opposite and if going off the radar -- if I could find somewhere where I genuinely could! -- would be the best thing to avoid being destroyed by it all.

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solidarity with you

You hate how things interact & the results of those interactions?<br />
<br />
You are saying you hate everything without even knowing it.<br />
<br />
Everything is technology.<br />
Food, matter, clothing, air, shelter, communication, transportation, entertainment, controlled temperature, it's more advanced tech that fixes & makes everything better. <br />
<br />
Life is womderful.<br />
<br />
You just are seeing this in the wrong perspective.

I think you are interpreting my story based on the headline without reading the content for context. Your interpretation of technology, while technically correct, is not what I meant and explained. Whether or not the technology I am referring to makes everything better is purely subjective -- for some people it does, some it does not and most people would be somewhere in the middle. My perspective is not wrong, it is just different from yours -- Life IS wonderful, but that's not terribly relevant to this story...


Why do you hate such things though?
you don't think it's better?

I use the word "hate" to make a point by stating the extreme -- I am not actually that emotionally enraged by technology. The point is that when I have a week away from modern computer chip driven technologies and just interact with the people and natural world around me directly and without any technology-driven enhancement or interference, I think that there is a quality in that interaction that the technology diminishes. Our dependence on technology for our interactions with the world around us can be and has been compared to an addiction where the benefit we perceive is clouded by the addictive need we have acquired. Take this example: you leave home for the day and forget your "smart" phone, but by the time you realise you don't have it, you are too far from home to go back for it, so you make the "difficult" decision to persevere for the day without it. You experience a period of panic and displacement; you feel you may be missing critical calls, emails, texts, IMs, news and other "connections" to the people and world you live forward to later that day: you have had a more productive day, with less interruptions; you have interacted with fewer people, but those interactions have been more personal, deeper and more satisfying interactions; you get home and instead of rushing to find and check your phone, you savour this feeling for a little while longer, get through dinner without looking,... "Better" is a very subjective thing -- you can have different types of better and personal, subjective views on which better contributes to greater contentment, peace, well-being...

Um. Its a communication, learning device that makes my life better, to communicate with people &amp; look up things &amp; get more knowledge &amp; better oneself. O.o

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i wish we could have more physical interaction with people again in real life. i feel like the internet as a social vehicle is destroying the reality of social life for many young people from 13 and up. i'm in my 30s and it devastates me that it's easier to meet and talk to other people my age on the internet than it is in my hometown. that's kind of hideous considering the amount of PHYSICAL and REAL social interaction my parent's generation enjoyed. keep spreading the word. this orwellian nightmare has to slow down to a crawl.

Actually I feel the same and I work with technology too. I wish I could drive somewhere secret just so I could sit there and know that there was no chance that I was being observed or tracked but I don't believe that is possible anymore. Not in the UK anyway where there is a camera on every corner now, for some reason.