Yeah, I agree that they can be VERY annoying. But if they want to pretend they are 'werewolves' that's fine by me. I mean I know it really gives a bad example about all the real wolves out there but if they want to be a part of something so much that they would deny their humanity then really I feel sorry for them...
Although it really ****** me off when people talk about being bitten or Twilight and such. They know nothing about real wolves (or therians)

(Edit: What I have said above is true, but I also want it known that I really don't actually HATE fakes. They just want attention, that doesn't seem like such a bad thing...)
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I absolutely hate it when someone is like, wow! I have good hearing and I like wolves so I must be a werewolf! I'm just like, no there's way more to it than just that! Honestly!

Agreed! I hate it when random people come up to me and are like "Hey can you turn me into a werewolf?" Hah! I'm not a werewolf but a wolf therian, big difference.. and most of the fakers just have a wolf totem! They aren't even that wolf at all

I've had that happen to me before, =.= sheesh.