MAKE It Go Away!

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test that's what FCAT is... and a royal pain in my ***! The teachers have to teach to the test. Everything is about what's on it... and for those kids that aren't test takers it makes life hell. I've paid for tutors and purchased a million books etc to help my teen out but she doesn't test well. It sucks! She cannot graduate w/o this stupid test and although we have a few more years it's killing us all. The schools also get a grade depending on how they do... so what if that school in your district did poorly but it's your only option... We are lucky to live in a great neighborhood with great schools but not everyone has that option. AAUUGGHH!!


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There are two words that explain the insanity.<br />
<br />
George Bush

It keeps a LOT of kids from passing on to the next grade. I say we give it to the people running for president or even Bush and see who passes the damn thing then!

Lol, I thought "I hate the Fcat" stood for "I hate the F***ing cat" lol... Terrorism is the key ;) j/k... hmm I think the SATs are enough... and maybe the AMC as well... stupid to have tests in just one state...

My best friend is due to have her 5th soon and she homeschools them all!