It's almost been 2 weeks since me and my ex had an argument and broke up.
The thing is I had sent him an apology and owned up to my mistakes. All I got from his was to never text him again. Obviously that hurt. 1 week later he texts me to let me know he has some of my belongings and that I should pick them up. I know I did not leave anything valuable at his house bc if I had I would've noticed it. All I responded was that I would get them whenever I had the chance. I just don't understand why he would bother with something so petty especially after he told me not to speak to him again.
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Because men take a long time to figure **** out. They think about everything differently than a woman.

Did you read "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them"?

It's an immature high school age book my mother purchased for me when I was missing my bf while he was at boarding school five hours drive away.

I read the book and felt better. I felt better because of the fact my mom cares so much that I was hurting and she wanted to educate me on how we are different. I can't remember what age the book is geared towards. It maybe too immature reading for you.

Men are very easy to figure out. They're simple in their logic. They make decisions that are never going to make sense to a woman unless he's in touch with his decisions and why he's made them. This means communication is important. Most men can't communicate their feelings and the cycle continues.

It's not a bad thing but it's real. It matters how you deal with knowing the man. When to say when. When to recognize if he can communicate. If he can't communicate his feelings towards you then he's either going to never be able to or he takes forever.

The best thing you can do is live. Someone else would be a better fit.

He resorts to petty messages to say he's still there just not really. Make sense?