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What a lot of society and the media (grr) forget is that models were originally skinny so that no one would be attracted to them and focus on them and not the clothes they were wearing. When modelling first became a profession the ideal female body was quite curvy. Models had to be skinny so that they would not be attractive. Somewhere along the line we got it all mixed up and fingers can definitely be pointed to some of the first well known models in the 60's like Twiggy.

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Whoa there! The tone of my comment was not meant to be hysterical or angry, so I hope you don't think I'm trying to attack you. My intention was to highlight the fact that the perpetuation of the "thin ideal" has lead to a lot of skinny girl-bashing. I get snarky comments on (at least) a weekly basis about my weight. Whether it's someone telling me to "go eat something" or a snide whisper about the eating disorder I *probably* have, I feel that I get a lot of flack from other women because of my appearance.<br />
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As far as talking about the unattractiveness of being overweight, I'm pretty sure that half of EP would be up in arms about stories that said being significantly overweight is "extemely unattractive". I just think it's a double standard, that's all. <br />
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"I hate skinny girls" = Just blowing off steam<br />
"I hate overweight women" = weight discrimination<br />
(Not that you're saying either - just making a point)<br />
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I also know that it is just as difficult for a thin woman as it is for a woman with a more curvacious body to find clothing that fits. I once went bra shopping, and tried on 58 A-cup bras before I found one that fit. I also have to special-order pants because my inseam is 35 1/2 inches, and stores don't carry my size in "extra long", if they have long sizes at all. It generally costs about $70/pair for me with shipping costs.<br />
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You are 100% right, though, about people being more vocal about the dangers of eating disorders and unrealistic expectations about body image. It's horrible that women are dying for the sake of a few dress sizes! I just wish that people would make a clearer distinction between naturally thin women, and women who need help.<br />
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Oh goodness. OffTheCuff, are you blonde or brunette? Would it have upset you this much if I had said that I find blonde hair unattractive and you were a blonde? Would I have been openly 'degrading' to blondes if I had said that I find brown hair more attractive? Google some pictures of Christian Bale in The Machinist and tell me that he was more attractive in that movie than in Batman.<br />
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I am also not sure that it's not considered appropriate to talk about people being overweight. There are metabolic disorders that lead to weight gain as well as ones that lead to weight loss. Chances are such women receive much less attention than a skinny person does and they probably struggle more with things like buying nice clothes. For instance, I have a large bust, finding a bra that is halfway decent looking is a challenge, but if I had smaller than usual breasts I could buy any number of padded, sexy bras. <br />
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I am sorry in that I didn't mean to upset anyone. That was not my intention with the story. I do think that if people were more open about their dislike of people starving themselves to be socially acceptable perhaps we would have fewer people dying with diseases like anorexia and bulimia. But then perhaps I should have phrased it like that :)

WyldHoney - You're certainly welcome to look at my pictures to see what I look like. Why do you think that because you're a woman, your opinion doesn't count? Another woman's opinion on "the female body stereotype" will always carry more weight (pun intended) with me than any man's. You're certainly entitled to your own opinions about beauty, but I just wonder why it's so acceptable to hate on "skinny girls". As CrippleCrow so eloquently stated, it's not considered appropriate to talk about the unattractiveness of being overweight (naturally or not), but it seems perfectly acceptable in our society to openly degrade "Kate Moss types" like myself.<br />
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I just find it a little upsetting and confusing. Thin people have insecurities too, and I think the whole messed up idea that thin is ideal has blinded people to that. Every body type is beautiful in its own way.

Hang on a second. Before everyone jumps on the bandwagon perhaps read my message again. I said that I personally don't think skinniness is attractive. I did not call anyone unattractive. I was asked for my opinion and merely gave it. Perhaps our definitions of what is skinny and what is slim are differing?

I don't know OffTheCuff, I haven't seen you. But yes, I don't think that Kate Moss types are that attractive - sorry. If it helps I am in the minority and am female so my opinion of other women doesn't matter that much.

Wow... well, where does slim end and skinny begin? I'm 5'9" and about 115 lbs. I have never dieted, nor do I have an eating disorder. The fact that I am thin is due to genetics, and I am a healthy, happy woman.<br />
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Am I "extremely unattractive"?

Yes I do consider skinny to be extremely unattractive. Slim is nice, skinny is not.

So, when you say skinny what do you mean? I am naturally petite but i'm not underweight, i am healthy, do you think i'm ugly because of that? Please realize that the biggest reason people hate their bodies is because of idolization so trying to put 'curvy' girls before naturally skinny girls is equally as hurtful. Not that i think you intend to hurt but people but we all need to be careful and we need a balance that only empowers not disempowers. Bringing back curvy again would hurt. But can i get this clear, you think skinny is anorexic like ribs sticking out but slim is nice even on a very (naturally) petite frame? Anyway curves are sill beautiful, it doesn't matter where they are or aren't even :)

Very, very good point. I hope, however, that you don't think skinny = unattractive.

Models are over rated. I can't understand the fuss about them

I imagine it was probably quite easy to be thin in the 60s... everyone was high - no need to eat when you got speed lol.

Twiggy - the first of the supermodels - Please take us back to the days of the pin-up girls like Betty Grable and Marylin Monroe (Norma Jean in her heyday was 5'4" and a size 16 - and baby had much back!!) Even Twiggy has curves now!