Does Voluptuous Mean Anything?

That's right, voluptuous, curvaceous, a little meat on ones bones.  There are other ways of describing this type of build, but chunky, chubby, and the like don't sound very flattering.  But then, scrawny and bean pole aren't very flattering, either.

What is flattering isn't what we call a specific body type, it's accepting all body types.  It's accepting people for who they are, and seeing beauty not just in their build, but in their features, their manner, and in their souls.

Beauty comes in every shape, size, and color, yet our society refuses to recognize it.  Instead, it focuses on thin women with large breasts.  What a disgrace to women!  And if this is what a man is supposed to think is beautiful, then what an insult to men!

Sure, some men are very attracted to this type of build, but there are plenty who are attracted to every other build, too.  So why not speak out and tell these other women they are just as beautiful?

I grew up during the sixties and seventies, girl watching was a big part of being a male, and I admired the female form.  I still do.  Sure, I have my preference to what I feel is the most attractive, but that does not in any way mean that should be the standard.

What is my preference?  Is it tall, thin, large breasted blonds?  That seems to be all a person sees in advertising and media.  But it's not my preference at all.  I personally think that average height, a few pounds heavy are the most attractive women.  But, it depends on the person, it depends on their symmetry.

With few exceptions, all women are beautiful.  I say this as a man, and feel that I am a poor judge of what is attractive in men, however, the same holds true for men.  The only thing that truly makes a person unattractive is if they're ugly in their soul.

So why, then, in our society do we  stereotype women by their bodies? Look around, watch and admire the beautiful women around you, and I think you will agree, it's time to drop the stereotype.

Who picks this, anyway?  Up until about the sixties the stereotype was a women with curves.  Average height, a few extra pounds, and wide hips.  I wonder how many thin women tried to fit that image only to put the weight in the wrong areas.  How many tired of society saying this is what you should look like?  This is what's beautiful?

I say, thin or heavy, blond, brunette, red head, or what ever color you want, tall or short, small breasts, or large, narrow hips or wide, your all beautiful and I thank you for not fitting into the stereotype, and for filling my world with beauty!


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Your story hit me hard. I like **Curvy Woman** , a few extra pounds is OK. The media (TV and cinema ) tell men and woman what is sexy. I say Bull!!. TV say a girl is 5-8, blond, small waist, big boobs and 125#. Damm that leaves out a lotta' woman.

Aren't girls who are 40, had 2 kids, little bit 'Chunky' and 5-4 tall sexy?? Is she street smart? A good cook? Likes sports? The list is endless!

As a male and hopeless romantic I concur. The woman I love above all others (whose name shall not be revealed at this time) is extremely thin. Some would probably ask if she's anorexic, but the answer is no. However, no matter what she looks like I love her through and through, for it is her soul that has captivated me (her eyes and whatnot are added bonuses, but the soul is my measure of true worth). For those of you who judge solely on appearance I have one phrase for you, caveat emptor (I am not suggesting women are any kind of product or resource made for purchase or trade. I am just trying to say, basically, "beware".). If you only look at the skin-deep wonders of a woman you may actually love one whose soul is dark and twisted (unless that's your thing). And, as far as I know, models are of little or no magnitude soul wise. In my mind, anyone who has to flaunt their body to attract men isn't worth it.<br />
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(I never noticed how many parentheses I use. Wow.)

Well stated, but I have to say, I enjoy women flaunting their bodies. They are beautiful creations, and a wonder to look upon. I do understand how you meant it, and in that measure, I agree, however. Thanks for commenting.

I am so grateful you posted this. I was starting to lose faith in the entire male gender. As far as I'm concerned the word "beautiful" is not used nearly enough to describe "real" women, but instead to describe photoshopped models. I am grateful that there are men like you being honest and respectful about women and their bodies. Restored some of my faith. I happen to have become a lot more body confident recently, not an easy task for a teen girl in western society, and i wish that more women were able to accept their bodies and love being who they are. Thanks again.

Your welcome. I agree, it's a shame our culture doesn't recognize real beauty, but only what the media tells us is beautiful. How boring it would be if every woman fit that image, I'm glad there are women like you who dare to be yourself, and let your true beauty flow.

I'm voluptuous and some people call me fat or chubby. At some point I hate my body for that, but I learned to love my curves! Thanks for this beautiful article. :)))

beauty flows from inside, no matter what body we have. I bet you have very sexy curves...

Thanks for your comment, DMP7. Glad I could share some good feelings with a woman with curves. I bet very beautiful curves at that...

Thank you for your comment. Everyone should feel good about who they are...

Thank you...

That's so cool!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. As if seeing all you beautiful women isn't reward enough, now I'm graced with the beauty of your words. If there is any one thing I could say is the source of beauty, it is what I see right here in all of you...

What a brilliant post. Thank you. <br />
<br />
'What is flattering isn't what we call a specific body type, it's accepting all body types.' -Amen.

Thank you so much for your perspective, in your story and on the sidelines while 'girl watching'. As a woman, I, and I think most of us girls, do a bit of 'girl watching' too. Maybe for some different reasons, but also for some of the same. Women are just beautiful, and sometimes the most beautiful women of the day are not slender, or blonde, or have the big boobs, or are even that pulled together, they are just beautiful women and some how intriguing. You see them, and you want for just a moment to peek into their lives and know more, not about their weight or about their hair tips, ok sometimes about whats in their closet, but mainly about what is in their soul. And I hope that somedays I am that intriguing woman, who is not just a body shape, but one who is entrancing. But I know, that only comes a glimpse at a time.

Thank you for your wonderful comments.

You're a good man, my friend.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your insight with such kind and truthful words.

AWWWW!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! i have heard such things before, but mostly from women. i can't remember the last time i heard these things extensively & so deeply from a man. u're right. i wish more males could be man enough to admit when they are checking out a girl who is not by society's ridiculous magazine standards of "beautiful," even though she is, we are. & u're right, an ugly soul is what is unattractive, & it's the symmetry in one's own person that determines attractiveness, & not any specific body form alone. u just earned major attraction points for having a beautiful soul. :)