I'm Just Going To Be Completely Honest Here....

Very few things make me more angry than someone saying "real women have curves!" It absolutely makes my blood boil!! I'm going to explain this in the nicest way I can though....I feel like unhealthy and overweight people are trying to "fight back" lately by discriminating against thin or "skinny" women. There is nothing wrong with being naturally on the "heavy" side, but when you have to make others feel like **** for it then there is a problem.

I see an awful lot of people saying "There shouldn't be skinny models in magazines because no one really looks like that!!" Hmmm... NO ONE? Are you sure about that? I am about 5'7" and I usually stay between about 100 and 115 lbs. I wear a size 0 and I am proud of it! Whoopdefuckingdo!!

I am not in any way saying that stick thin people should be the "ideal" for everyone to aspire to, but I do think it's important to be healthy and if we are ever going to fix this problem, the media needs to show more diversity including skinny AND thicker people. Most people seem to think that "those stick thin models" is what everyone wants to be and therefore they must never face any discrimination and never have to deal with any insults. I can tell you all first hand, as one of "those" girls, that this is not true at all.

I was "skinny" from the time I was a small child and have never heard the end of it. My own family, I'm talking parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins have drilled it into my head that I NEED to eat more to gain weight because I am "too thin" and if I gained weight I would be more attractive, desirable and acceptable because I wasn't any of those things already. My family made me feel like **** when they should have been supportive. I don't even go to family functions with my mother's family anymore because they are all so bitter and cannot shut up about how thin I am and accuse me of throwing up and not eating every chance they get. They really are just bitter, unhealthy slobs. I mean, I'm not even THAT skinny!! I just have a fast metabolism.

Then, on top of that, I went to school and got tons of hate from just about everyone. They all had some dumb remark like "Well at least I don't throw up every time I eat!!!" I grew to hate those people more and more everyday. They barely knew me and had no idea how their hurtful words impacted me, even to this day. I have faced just as much or more hate and discrimination as any of my overweight peers.

I do encounter problems while shopping. It's tough to find pants that fit me properly and are long enough. I have to get my bras a size smaller than my chest actually is (I'm a B cup but I wear A bras) so that I can squish them together a bit to make them look bigger. A lot of shirts just hang on me and I need to make sure everything is tight enough to show that I don't look like a boy. :/ I have thought about getting breast implants but I don't want them to sag later on...I am at least thankful that they are perky and will stay that way. :) At least I am proportionate enough, even though it wouldn't hurt to make them a little bigger...Maybe when I'm older.

Since I am now in my early 20's I have sort of grown into myself and look a lot better, but I am still extremely "slim." I have done some modeling on and off and hope to get into it more, but it's hard to find where I fit in in the industry because I'm not one of those ugly neanderthal fashion models with the giant alien heads and manly shoulders (eewww WHY do some guys date those ugly things??) nor do I have giant boobs and a giant *** like a "**** star." However, I got an offer to possibly be in music videos because one of the producers believes I have a nice "booty" even though it's not a big one. Just maybe a tiny bit more than most super skinny girls, I guess. I'm about to start fitness modeling, too. My first shoot for that is this weekend. I am actually really excited about it because the website promotes being physically fit and active, not just one body type or another. Some of the girls are huge body builder types and others are a little on the natural side like me. I used to run on my high school track team so I have some pretty toned legs. I mean, why can't my leg muscles be considered "curves" too? Why is only fat considered curvy? I'm not gonna lie, I am taking advantage of being thin, but I don't feel I should be treated like less of a woman because of it.

I don't really have a desire to gain weight, but I certainly to not want to lose weight either. I would like to gain some muscle mass in my arms and butt, though. I just want people to know that those size 0 model-types you all think are just as fake as unicorns and fairies are not any less "real" than you. Yes, I know the excessive airbrushing and photoshop in magazines is all fake but people need to recognize that instead of thinking it's real. I AM a real woman, I eat, sleep, breathe, laugh, cry, think and feel. My clothing size does not make me "not real." Just keep that in mind, and check out this site

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There i nothing wrong with slim people appearing in magazines or on the catwalk, the point is that they are over represented ..almost to the exclusion of all other body types. Then we have the **** industry which equally over represents large breasts...(and labiaplasty...WTF is that all about???? 30 year old women with a 14 year olds labia? jeez...anyway to get back to my point)....
Even with careful selection, makeup and a bit of surgery the editors are still not satisfied and get the images photo-shopped to make them even more "perfect".
In reality body shape fits a natural distribution pattern or bell curve and by projecting just one body type at the far end of the scale women of other body types are alienated and made to feel that they are don't meet the narrow requirements of 'beauty'.
This leads to insecurities that can prevent them from fully
enjoying life and in the worst cases lead to mental illness so severe that it ends in suicide.
So one girls skinny, the next is curvy and the next is obese...lets stop judging them on that and all go out for a drink!

I was really enjoying and agreeing with what you wrote until you criticised fashion models calling them 'ugly neanderthal... with the giant alien heads and manly shoulders'. That is a horrible thing to say and makes you sound no better than anyone else who has criticised you in the past for the way you look.

Just because you're some stupid ***** that doesn't like to eat doesn't mean that you can repremant 71% of the US! That at ugly ***** has 80% of males on her tale!

UPDATE: Sooo...I went to aforementioned photoshoot and was sort of looking forward to it since they supposedly pride themselves on having models of all different body types who are physically fit and active....oh boy was I wrong!! I was one of 4 girls there, and of course as soon as I get into my spandex and sports bra I get "Wow you're so tiny!! I wish I was that tiny!!"...Ok, so i can deal with that and take it as a complement, if it happens only once. But no, the entire time I was there this fat ugly b!tch had to point out how "bony" I am EVERY 2 SECONDS!! She acted as though she was trying to be nice while obviously being a complete *****. I really did try to be nice, when all I wanted to do the whole time was punch her in her ugly, freckled, orange face!! We arm wrestled and played that game called "mercy," and every time I beat her she had something to say about my "bony fingers." It's like, yeah, you lost to a skinny girl. Get over it, fatty!!!!
So, basically, what I've learned from my experience is that I will never be completely safe from the hate and jealousy. No matter where I go or what I do there is always at least one jealous fat girl who needs to make me the punching bag for her insecurities. Just because I am comfortable enough with my body to wear a sports bra and show my abs, doesn't mean it's ok to for someone to fire insults at me and be an ignorant b!tch just because they are jealous. Instead of hating on me she could have used that energy toward not being so ugly and fat. I really wish I wouldn't have tried to be nice to her. I won't be nice to fat people anymore when they talk sh!t. :)

Amen, sister! I am a skinny woman and all kinds of people including strangers think it's okay to give me ****...and I am SICK of that "real women have curves" crap. What does that make "non-curvy" women? Male cross-dressers? Cy-borgs?