I Am Beautiful. [edited]

So stop telling me that I'm fat or "asymmetrical" or "unusual." 

The 2nd verse of "At The Ballet" from the musical A Chorus Line goes:

"Mother always said I'd be very attractive when I grew up, when I grew up.  'Different,' she said, 'with a special something and a very very personal flair.'  And though I was eight or nine, though I was eight or nine, though I was eight or nine... I hated her!  Now, 'different' is nice, but it sure isn't pretty.  Pretty is what it's about.  I never met anyone who was different who couldn't figure that out.  So, 'beautiful' I'd never live to see.  But it was clear, if not to her, well then, to me, that everything was beautiful at the ballet..."

That's how I feel when I sing.  I feel beautiful.  And I know that beautiful is something that everyone can be, something from inside... whereas pretty is manufactured and manipulated.  Who needs that?


I believe that being healthy is the most important thing. I will never be little. Right now, I know that I am overweight in an unhealthy way, so I am adjusting my lifestyle to become healthier, but I know that I will never been a slender, lithe little bit of a woman. I wouldn't want to be. I value my curves.
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Aw, I feel for that lyric. <br />
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I remember growing up and being happy with my body. I was delighted to have some curves as a teen. I was average size, I was healthy. But my mother kept telling me to lose weight when I didn't need to. All the ridiculous yo-yo dieting she put me through actually made me gain weight! I wish I'd known enough then to tell her to shove off.<br />
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I completely relate to the "slender, lithe little bit of a woman" comment. I look at teenagers, especially, and I see girls who are, quite frankly, frail-looking. Shouldn't reproductive attraction favor the women who are sturdy? "Big boned" means to me that they've been getting good nutrition. I don't get it.<br />
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I'm so happy that you can find yourself beautiful in the *right* ways. :)

Being healthy IS the important thing.. not how much you weigh and everyone has a beauty.. some are just too blind to see it.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. I wish I felt like this everyday! I try very hard to own my body and my beauty, but there are days when society's standards get me upset. I believe if we could all learn to appreciate the beauty in everyone else - and I do mean EVERYONE - then we would all find it easier to accept the beauty in ourselves. We truly are all beautiful.

Great story!Congrats! I really think we should (men and women) meditate for some moments in what way the fashion and cosmetic industry is getting to manipulate our minds, our way of seeing and judging others and ourselves.

Once more, I was reminded by an "old friend" on Sunday by the suggestion of me having bariatric surgery, that I don't fit the idea of beauty in this world. His sister just did it and she's overjoyed to be thin. He knows I'm beautiful inside - he enjoys my company - but I'm not good enough to "take home".

I really like this story - I like the idea of a woman "claiming" her beauty rather than letting society define it for her. Ours is a superficial culture with some odd ideas about what is attractive - the trend of starved, emaciated models now in vogue is just one example. Beauty is polymorphous - it comes in all shapes and sizes.

At the ballet is one of my favorite songs from A Chorus Line. A very strong, and sweetly sad song.