I Don't Hate the

But I do have some things to say on the topic.

Firstly, I think that it is an unavoidable fact of life that we all have different body types, based on our genetics. You can always do things that modify the final look of one's body from exercise to overeating to surgery, but it doesn't change the underlying body type.

So I  think it's very important for people to not only accept their body type, but also learn how to best care for their particular body type.


Secondly, I think the problem is a lack of affirmative "ideal body" role models for each body type out there. It is vital to give people models of good health to aspire to.  Stereotypes in themselves aren't a bad thing, necessarily. People are simple creatures at heart, it does help to simplify things for the subconscious! But instead of creating positive images for people to follow, our culture is very negative.

What's more it presents bodies as objects, not as part of someone, or part of ourselves. This is the true meaning of objectification, and it's very unhealthy. And worse still, even the negative images send incredibly mixed messages. Take the portrayal of the female body for example.

On one hand, there are rake-thin, beanpole fashion models (which girls and women pay more attention to than men). And on the other hand there are the hyper-voluptuous and pneumatic skin magazine and **** stars (which men generally spend more time looking at).

The message is inherently contradictory. You can not be beautiful (like a fashion model) AND be sexually desirable to men (like a **** star) at the same time, even if you could control your body type.

What's more, this is not necessarily something natural. Male preferences for body types are artificially cultivated just as much as female's perceptions of their own bodies. A boy who does not learn to express desire for certain female body types is at risk of being labelled homosexual. In the long run, this just perpetuates the whole problem.

It's a very dysfunctional set-up, all round.
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Maybe we should just stop using unhealthy body females. We could start a whole NEW media start putting out more magazines, books, tv shows, radio talk shows about healthy balanced people and eventually after a number of years the negative media would have a rival. The only reason it's so domineering is cause there's no opposite, there's no balance, we're forced to look at that. If there were two forces to look at then we have a choice and we can stop blaming it on tv shows. There's gotta be a modeling center out there who prefers to have healthy body models instead of the rake thin people. If not why not create one.

I completely agree. I even set up a site to try and campaign about it, lol, www.realcurves.net. However, nothing's really come of it :(

I agree with you, I just wish there was something to do about it. It seems like a hopeless situation.