You know, I've looked through the sheen on the cheaply printed pages to the too-skinny celebs with the "perfect body". We humans are our own worst enemies - we all judge ourselves far more harshly than anyone else does (unless they are deeply, deeply insecure, in which case they judge us through their own filters). Women want to be skinny, men want to have the ripped abs and a muscular physique - we're all chasing the stereotypical bullshit ideal fed to us by the media.

A while ago I posted the following picture on Facebook. These are mannequins that a Swedish department store started using a while ago. I think it's about time all stores started using them!

For any of you who are wondering: as a male, I find these mannequins FAR more visually appealing than the fake, skinny barbie-doll type.

My point, for anyone who's reading this, is that there is much more to you than your physical body. I can almost guarantee that most people see you as a lot better looking than you see yourself, and your HEART is where your gold is. So please, be kind to yourself. It's SO not worth trying to live up to anyone else's ideal. Find yourself, your core, and LOVE yourself!
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I really hate it. When I'm with my guy friends and it secretly hurts my feelings when the go on about how hot this girls body is and it makes me feel really insecure about mine because I can't get my body like that unless I worked out for at least two hours everyday and watched everything I eat.
It really hurt my feelings when the other day I asked my guy friends if was skinny( just looking for a compliment) and they said "well, you're not fat but you're surely not skinny". I'm 5'5 and I weight 118lbs. That's a very healthy weight! They're brain washed by the media.

Yeah. That sucks. If you're a healthy weight, don't ask your friends, male or female about your shape. I'm sure you look great and YOU'RE the one you need to be "in-shape" for, so if you like your shape, don't worry about what other people think.

Love these mannequins, what a normal shape they are!

Yes! If I was a BOY, I might want a little GIRL, but I'm a MAN and so I want a WOMAN lol!