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I watched a video on youtube.com where time lapsed footage showed an average female turned into a stereotypical model.  After they made her up and photographed her, they used 'photoshop' to lengthen her neck, airbrush her skin, lighten her hair and square her shoulders--I think they even lightened the whites of her eyes.  When they were done, she didn't look anything like herself.  I say that to say this: Don't believe the hype!  It is a falsehood perpetuated by those with a vested interest in making you want to spend your money to try and change yourself.  It is detrimental to a woman's self-image and fuels the market for weight loss pills, camps, and centers.  It also destroys our ability to take pride in what is going on between our ears, and contributes to unhealthy body maintenance habits.

The model thin adult bean poles like Paris Hilton (sorry, had to mention her) are considered only 3% of the population--everyone else has to really work at it.   Most of us will not ever look like this.  Don't try!  It is these women who are outside of the norm for body types.  Unfortunately, they are the ones getting all the press coverage at the moment. 

Be sexy, be feminine be you!  Stereotypes are for lazy people.

Katija Katija
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you go girl!!!

I think I've seen that video! It's amazing what the media is pushing on us to consider beautiful. Hear, hear! I agree.

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Don't feel like the lone-stranger when it comes to this. Many otherwise smart and self-confident women fall for it. It is what advertisers aim for. We can't seem to help ourselves when we are bombarded everyday with false images. We start to doubt our own physical attractiveness and get caught in that vicious cycle of comparison, so that we are not enough; even for ourselves.<br />
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Think of this though, if you refuse to compare yourself to the latest nubile, prepubescent adolescent dressed in women’s clothing; if you are happy and content with who you are and what you look like, then the advertisers don’t get repeat business because their customers (big businesses) don’t make money.<br />
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I say, ‘stick it’ to the companies who advertise with these abnormal images by not buying their products! <br />
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Meanwhile, here is the link to the youtube video called the evolution of beauty… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knEIM16NuPg

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How can I locate this you.tube video? With a Master's Degree in Sociology and years spent studying Body Dismorphic Disorder, I should have a good grasp on my self-image. But, alas, I don't. I would love a visual reminder of the extent to which the the media will go to distort the female body. I've not been too kind to myself lately (fasting, binging, over exercising, etc.).

I think that the Photoshop thing is awful. I watched that video a while back and was impressed. Looking at make up ads or close up shots you can see nothing but perfect pores, symetrical lips and bright eyes. Anyone should know that's just impossible. I don't understand how companies can even get any with it!!! I even read someones post on Flickr about how they, Softened the skin, added some pink and lengthed the lips for more of a pout on a 6 month old babies pic!!! Sick Sick Sick...

Good on you, Gryphon! Taking the harder road may be more challenging, but you always learn the most important lessons that way. Eating healthy and learning proper body maintenance are skills that will aid you long term.

You're so right! I am sick and tired of people who make themselves sick to be skinny, never eat, or exercise themselves to death. I'm trying to lose a few pounds, but only as a medical thing, and I also and doing it the HEALTHY way, not the hip and stylish Hollywood "lose 50 pounds overnight" deal. Lots of water, lift some weights to boost the metabolism, and walk it off. I know an anorexic/bulemic who prides herself on having a size zero fit loosely, and thinks that everyone is jealous of her. She is a skeleton, and I would rather stay a size 18 than be unhealthy and deathly skinny. I saw in a younger girl's magazine an article on how they "treat" photos to make the clothes "fit" the model better, to "enhance" her "beauty" and to just make everyone else envious of a non-existant perfect body, and to be quite honest, it makes me sick. I'm proud to be a real size woman.

It's completely true. I do some photo retouching and as a result, I don't believe 90% of the photos or videos that I see. It's too easy to take a photo and completely change everything about it. If you have a photo of yourself, I can make you drop twenty pounds, have longer eye lashes, higher cheekbones, blonde hair, higher boobs. It's completely imaginary. <br />
Which is what is really weird about it, because in my opinion, people look really strange when they are airbrushed to within an inch of their lives.

I saw a video like that also, and no, I've never believed the hype. I have always liked a little 'meat' on my women...and beauty is on the inside (learned that the hard way in my first marriage). no matter how good she looks on the outisde, somebody, somewhere, is tired of putting up with her s*h*i*t.....

not to mention how this fuels the current market for 'plastic' surgery. it's all quite disgusting if you ask me and many i know. but there are people with such terrible body image (usually those who are quite close to that 3% you speak of) that rather than loving their bodies, they opt for extremes in everything - diet, surgery, and so on. it's really a sick image the media is propogating. i wish more people would learn to love themselves for who they are and not what they look like. this shines through as a natural beauty no airbrush can mimic!

Couldn't have said it better myself...health should be the issue, not appearance...all those fad diets, clubs, and pills are unhealthy. If a person would just care about their own health rather than how they fit into a certain mold they would feel better about themselves and look better as well. Health=beauty