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I'm a size 12/14 and was just looking about trying to become a plus sized model. The sad thing is the model must wear between 10-16, be over 5'9", be proportionate, have no cellulite and have good legs.

If a plus size is 14 and above why is it the models can only go up to 16? This is just another way to make women have a distorted view of "beauty"

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i have nothing new to add, since you all make such excellent points. all i have to say is that i agree with every one of you. the stereotype of the female body, and the sickening body double standard in our society, makes me sick to my stomach.

I think that is sad that so many women worry about the size number and not their health. My cousin is a woman who is proud to say she wears a 10 but with the amounts of girdles and fat oozing... when all she had to do was wear a larger size! *shakes head* She says I'm fat because I wear a 12-14 but I feel more comfortable and don't look so squeezed in!<br />
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I got some of the pictures done... over the next couple weeks I'll probably get a few more.

No none of the clothes would fit a 10 to 12 sized person couldn't find anything to fit. That is what had up set me... the fact that the "plus sized model" didn't need to be a plus size

really....if someone who's a size 10 or 12 went into a plus-sized section of a store, would any of the clothes even fit them? I don't understand how a person can be called a plus-sized model when they're not even "plus"-sized. (btw, I hate that term).

When I was an extra most of the calls asked for a extras who wore size 0-2 as that was the only size they had. Most girls or women for that matter DON'T have a healthy attitude about themselves. *angered*

I can't imagine when a size 14 became plus-size! The average woman wears a 12. How can anyone possibly expect girls to grow up with a healthy attitude about themselves when they start calling average sizes plus? A size 0 is not normal!