Why would someone feel that size 0 or 2 is the perfect size to be?   Why is size 14 considered plus-size?   The average woman wears a size 12.   What is wrong with that?   What is wrong with being who you are?  Why do women have to be made to feel that they are wrong or bad or fat if they do not conform to the standards that the fashion industry and Hollywood have set?  Fashion designers want clothes to hang on their models like they hang on a hanger.   The only reason they use models instead of hangers is that hangers can't walk down a runway!  Girls in Hollywood starve themselves to look "good" on camera and then get picked apart because they are starving themselves.  Come on -- pick one, Hollywood!  Do you want your girls skinny (if so, stop pretending you care if she's starving), or would you rather they have some curves like real women (if so, stop calling celebrities that gain 5 lbs. fat)?!  I wear a size 14 dress or shirt, size 10 pants, and I consider myself "top-heavy" but certainly not fat!  I am not a size 2!  Get over it!

swirlingmist swirlingmist
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I'd rather see curves then bones.Sadly models have died to keep their bodies thin. Teenagers too. Hollywood is cruel and snarky towards actors who gain a few pounds. It's BS..pure BS

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! i completely agree with all of it. thank you for posting this. you said it all perfectly!