I Want to Stay Myself

I never liked it when too skinny models are on tv, in the ads. Fortunately, I never wanted to be like them. Of course, I am not satisfied: I know that I have to lose some weight, but I won't be depressed if I won't look like a celeb.

Yesterday there was a program, I think on VH1 about plastic surgery. There was a nice, blond female in it with a nice face. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat either. Her boops were quite good. But she wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston. I just couldn't understand it! She wanted other nose, boops, legs ...

The operation was awful. The surgeon did all the things she wanted at the same time! How she looked like after it! Then she was more beautiful then before, but it could have been worse as well. She thought that she would be happy this way. She did it and she seemed to be happy.

But I am sad when there are people who can only be happy after a plastic surgery.
dreamygirl dreamygirl
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2007

I was real skinny and I didn't like it I wanted to have a little more weight on me. finally after I hit 24 it was easier for me to gain weight but I got lazy and instead of filling out nicely it all went to my stomach. I'm at a size 6 now which still isn't that big but it's better then a size 1-3 I don't want to lose weight I like my size I just want to tone myself more.