I Thought It Was Fun, But The Jokes Kept Getting Crueller And Crueller

-It's just no longer entertaining for me. Idk, guess I just felt for the poor guy. The one that "spilled the cup", so to say, for me was a very simple question and answer joke: "What is the opposite of Forever Alone? Answer - Never Together". I don't know why, but I felt that that one went to far. Now I can't stomach any of them.
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I realized most of those forever alone jokes were written by many different people who are probably lonely themselves. Like for example the one that says "phone vibrates. Thinks its a text. Low battery". Stuff like that happens to everyone. Even people who appear to be really social might be lonely deep down. Same thing happens to people who are married but hate each other. I once heard a story of a guy who forgot his wife at a rest area and drove for 2 hours before he realized she wasnt with him. I think the key to happiness is doing something youre passionate about. Like actually doing it. I like to work on my turbo'd Audi. Its loud and gets a lot of attention. It makes me happy. When Im happy im in a good mood. When Im in a good mood im more confidant. When Im more confident I can easily talk with chicks. When I see a hot babe i'll rev up my engine and smile at her. Good ones always smile back. The bitchy loser ones won't. Meh who needs em anyways? Theyre for suckers. See where Im going with this? You can be alone and stilll be happy. Just find your passion. When your happy and passionate about life people will be drawn to you like magnets. Theyll be like "I want some of what hes got". Oh yeah the scumbag steve memes are hilarious. I know a few guys like that myself.

The whole meme situation is kind of getting out of hand. It was fun at first, but people can be cruel just for the sake of being 'original'...