Friend Zone = Sucks.

met this guy last year in science. sat by him for like 3/4 of the year. he always joked and said i was his bestfriend, but i still annoyed him. On the last day of school we said our goodbyes and i didnt expect to talk to him at all during the summer...but his bestfriend ended up giving me his number,so one day i texted him and we started talking. we talked everyday of the summer...texted all the time,talked on the phone for hours and laughed a lot. over the summer we actually got shockingly close. well my friend haley was always at my house and we've been pretty close friends since like 4th grade..anyways,she knowed that i always talked to Seth a lot and she would always asked me if i liked him..i said no everytime,but at this point i was'nt realy sure. i kinda liked him....but i didnt want to tell her. as another month went by and me and seth talked constantly haley decided she wanted to play a joke on seth and tell him that he likes her..i thought it was harmless so i said "sure,we can do it". little did i know that seth liked her too...& a couple weeks later they started dating!!!!!! i thought my life was officially over. the 18th of this month was they're 1 month anaversary. and on that day i just wanted to sleep thru the whole thing. ever since they have been going out its just not the same. me and seth are now FRIENDZONED. so there it is...there ya go world. read about my sucky life. more stories to come. xoxo.
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Good story though ..

Aw I understand :/ haaa same thing happened with me.. he called me his "bestfriend" .