I Don't Get It...to Some Degree

every time I try to get back into the friend zone - any kind - I sorta get myself rejected. I wonder if people are born with bad vibes. I'm an observer, so I consider myself to know a lot. If you ever get a peek in my mind, sometimes it's silent, sometimes there are a few me's debating over small matter, sometimes outright slush nonsense. It's some sort of hellish heaven. And if I get lucky, I might get through the day and wake up the next morning barely remembering yesterday. Oops, getting off topic here.

I'm sort of against big, hug-group friends. It's like a religion and all-set-out place where you follow the rules or risk whatever is on the other end. Can't remember the last time I had a rock solid friendship. Actually I can. Thing is, when they leave, it hurts a hell lot. And when you find that your friends...sometimes even family becomes estranged, life feels like sludge in a bucket. But I bet the sludge has a better life. Cuz, y'know, they don't have brains or whatever.

I am now doing homework and I don't even know why the heck I'm writing this. Nice to do pointless stuff sometimes.
NoorRinger NoorRinger
Sep 23, 2012