The Government Tries To Micromanage My Life!

There are way too many laws!

Why should I have to register my dirt bike it's mine and I paid for it, why is it any of there business, some would say I need to register it to ride in ORV areas or if it gets stolen it can be returned. That's great and all but why should the government tell me were I can ride what I can ride and if my bike does get stolen there not going to actually try and find it and no criminal is stupid enough to try and register a stolen bike. The DOL is a waste of my time and money, why should I wait in line to pay to get a license to drive on roads I paid for if I wanted to I would just drive without a license or insurance. Why should I buy tabs and license plates for my truck when I own it, I should be able to use on public roads whenever I want because I own part of them because I paid for part of them. According to the Washington police I can't alter the exhaust on MY truck, if I want to make it louder I should be able to. The government charges me sales tax and property tax and Income tax for what, to set up more government organizations that charge me for tabs or parking tickets or stamps. Why cant they just set up a business and make there own money and not charge us for the privilege of waiting in line to get charged for tabs for the ability to use my truck on roads I paid for. The government also regulates what can be on TV if the artist that crated a show wants to have someone drop an F bomb or be naked that's there choice not the governments. The government tells me that I have to be 21 to drink but the only person that drinking can hurt is me, or I have to were a seatbelt that's my problem not there's.

The government waists to much time and energy on finding the otherwise "law abiding" citizen driving 3 over the speed limit when they could be finding the ******* that robbed my house because the government took his money or maybe he lost his job when Bush ruined the economy. The government doesn't help anyone they just find more ways to charge them for things that should rightfully be there's.

I hate the government why do we need someone telling us what to do with ourselves, people are perfectly capable of making there own choices the world would be better place without a government telling people what to do. We could all just live in a self sufficient society and do what would benefit us. People could just do what they wanted and if anyone else has a problem with it they can just deal with the person directly and any criminal out there that wants to hurt others they can deal with the justice that the victim feels is fair, this would lead to a decrease in crime because justice would be swift but fair. If we lived like this I think we would see less violence, less crime, less hate and more improvement as a society.

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I totally agree with you but what can we do not enough
of us willing to stand up
Sign petition against goverment share it with everyone

listin starting with the dirt bike they want you to register it so if it kills someone hit and run style or is used in a crime while not reported stolen they can trace it to the criminal same goes for licence plates and other vehichle tags dispite what they may say and about that truck mod to the exhaust is it could or would disturb the peace waking kids and stuff and to taxes look from the point of the goverment taxes are needed to support and fund police firerfighters aid homeless give education fund the army being a business would not be a secure form of making money and be a overall unrelieable source of funding the speed limit thing ya they are jerks the robery being slow they have lots of those and is unlikely he will be found soon but i am late to mesage so he might already be anyway moving on what you want is freedom to be comfee not real freedom the way of finding and dealing with crime is primitive and for a reson now im a anarchist and ni hate the goverment more than most but you have to understand someone or something and i mean fully understand before you can hate somthing goverment included but even though i want to and plan to get rid of the goverment crime will rise the other people will have guns to it would be like the wild west with small groups trying to take turf and raiding you will have no rights but the ones you can take and defend so before you hate the goverment look at the alternative and i mean realy look i like the alternative to goverment but you might have to think on it. sorry for any bad spelling

<p>Because Government has nothing better to do. But really, its all about power and money. Anytime someone or something gets too powerful or rich, they often fall into corruption. The three things in society that have done the most damage, Government, Organized Religion, and Corporations. Why? Because they have both power and money. If you study each of these, you will learn that they were all strong powers, doing everything for their own benefit. I hate Muslims and Jews, call for war against the Holy Land. I dont like swearing on TV, we need to ban it. I want to take 4 vacations, pay the employees minimum wage. Its all because someone gets too powerful and doesnt give a **** about anyone but themselves, and get bombarded with power. The best thing the people can do is think for yourself and get involved in the way things are ran. Thats the problem all along. One social group rules over everything and the common man is too wussy to get involved, which just keeps those corrupt bastards in power.</P>