You Look Just Like Your Mother

Many years ago as a teenage girl my mother sent me to the Gyno for a check up.  I was a young and quiet girl and I was to call my mother after for a ride home.  During my visit at the Gyno's he chatted about my mother and many many siblings I have.  Half way through the exam with my legs up in stirrups he looked up from my great spread and proclaimed I looked just like my mother. 

It's been 20 some years and to this day I don't know if he was saying that in regards to my face or my vagina.

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7 Responses Mar 20, 2009

cute ! i was going to say wouldn't the face have been a better compairison . hmmm . maybe just said as small talk ! a woman that new my mom saw me last year ! she said my you look just like your mother ! (here is the good part) now that you have lost weight and your cheeks and eyes have sunk in ! hmmm . i'm sure she meant well just went to far ! thanks for sharing ! :- )

you women here, are any of you bold enough to let a guy that has shown a deep love towards you and is really wanting to be taken as honestly caring to let him do the douch routine for you and maybe let you see its not so much a personal matter but a chance to allow a deeper bond to happen?

you can't help but to wonder what is going on in their minds,but now i believe they have to have a woman nurse there with them..

I would have smacked him with one of his implements

that is too funny!!! =D

JourneymanChronicle I'm happy you enjoyed the story I laugh at it too now. :D I've told that story to many friends and family members for laughs.

i am a guy and i dont care for the gyno that show little or no compassion when a girl comes in and is scared, doing every thing without a second of decency

theres something to be said about a gyno that looks at you and makes that kind of comment,if he meant it towards your beaver, i am surprised he didnt explain

That would've skeeved me out big time.