Ugh The Pain!!

Lies! They feed us lies! lol.

Menstruating sucks. The bloated stomach. The cramps. Lower back pain. It's all too painful. I don't understand why they attempt to glamorize this time of the kind of makes me angry because it's anything BUT pleasant!!!!!!!!
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
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lol ahaha

ok becuase i was offended by it. i mean way to insult dogs

haha no I just hadn't had time to read it...

maybe i should have ended with Bazingga!!!!

maybe i should have ended with Bazingga!!!!

a farmer and his wife are laying in bed and the farmer is being a real A hole<br />
rolls over to his wife and points at her chest and says<br />
"if these gave milk we could get rid of the cow"<br />
few minutes later rolls back over to her and points between her leggs and says<br />
"if this could lay eggs we could get rid of the chickens"<br />
well the farmers wife is REALLY MAD now<br />
she rolls over to him points at his crotch and says<br />
"well if this could get hard we could get rid of the dog"

Well eat some bad meat and you will know I know what it is like!

no you don't know what it's like!!!!!!!!!! you're not a chick and no.....I am a vegetarian <br />
<br />
hahaha yay for chocolate lol...<br />
and ??????????? haha

well then i ammentally sending you a big hersey bar.<br />
hope it helps<br />
and to keep you in good mood how about a dirty joke that iam sure akasara would love?

That isnt true. I know what a period feels like... have you ever had really bad meat before?!

@ Arorin I won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
@pinkyy2001......I think she meant like guys don't necessarily know the degree to which it hurts so they may disregard it as a big deal..........and chocolate? I don't know good question...but I do crave a lot of sweets when I'm on it...

no problem but just to be clear i never said periods dont suck any time anyone is in pain or disconfort it sucks i just didnt get where the idea that men think is glamorous comes from. most guys i think wish periods didnt exist (even if only for thier own selfish reasons of not having to deal with it)<br />
ps<br />
does chocalte really help?

ughhhhhhhhhhh I am too tired to attempt to explain.....<br />
<br />
so here's what easy to say and i know and take as facts:<br />
<br />
1 periods suck<br />
2 guys will NEVER know how bad it hurts because they' ve never had they really have no's like babies...guys don't s[h]it them out so they can't comment on how "bad" it must<br />
<br />
<br />
thanks for your comments though..I appreciate the fact you actually care to read about me just complaining<br />
<br />
<br />
@akasarah<br />
<br />
LMAO that is sooooo true!!!!!!!!!!! BAHHAHA you just made me laugh soooo hard

yeah, I know what you mean....when I was your age it was so embarrassing! <br />
<br />
but now they have ads for erectile dysfunction! yes It can happen! <br />
<br />
get it up guys!

ok but how does that relate to angelics comments that "men" glamarize it? if its a company they all do focus groups etc so some how that is the message for thier target audiance. also correct me if iam wrong but the message i get fom that one is less periods per year makes women more happy. if thats the sales pitch the mssage is periods are not a "good" or "fun" thing and we can sell you stuff to avoid them. so we will make them sound bad not glamorize them

FINE THEN! dont have a happy period!

yep...the ones by the brand 'always' well they glamorize it...

the have a good period one?

Have you seen the commercials were talking about?

sorry your in pain / disconfort.<br />
but since when do men glamorize "the time" of month? if anything i think men have always felt this was a horrible time for a woman and indirectly worse for the man (because we men always put other before ourselfs lol )

Hahaha Yea :D<br />
<br />
I guess menstruation is like everything's all about how one perceives it lol

LOL your welcome :D (i read that in a science book and gawd it's so true LOL )

Ahahahaha Women are baby making machines during that week then? lol hahaha But that does make a lot of a's just annoying how bad it hurts! Thanks for your oh ever so insightful comment AngelicLights lol :)

I think they (men most of all I guess) only glamorize this time of the month because when we are in this time of the month... a woman is feeling very sexual aroused easy, horny, and then we're 'in the mood' to make love, because then a woman is very fertile, especially during the ovulation, which is the best moment to make a baby. ;-) <br />
<br />
feeling horny during my periods is the best part of it :D<br />
<br />
yeah my big guess it's all about sex for men, that's why they glamorize it! LOL