Why Does Everyone But Me Like It?

I'm not a fan of Christmas.
I've been called everything from a Scrooge to a Christmas Nazi.
I am not a fan of the hypocrisy and greed that is celebrated around this time of year.
I'm especially not a fan of the same twelve songs being played badly over and over and over and over and over again by different artists.
I am bad at buying Christmas gifts and all of the people I know, I know them well enough that I know exactly what they are getting me (and siblings if applicable) for Christmas.
This is my least favorite holiday. And I'm bad at it.
But, it is time that I get off of work, so I'm not complaining too badly. My boyfriend asked me to come see him for Christmas this year, which I figured I could do because I get enough time off of work finally. I'm trying now to save up the money to do so.
I didn't expect him to be excited about giving me a gift.
Especially because I pinned him as not really a gift sort of guy. But he's pumped about it.
Not only is he pumped about it, but his parents, whom I've never met (not because I don't want to or anything, but just because they live on a different continent) Also got me something for Christmas.

I have no idea what to get either of them, and I don't think I can pull off the "Coming to see you is my gift!" without sounding conceited.

Argh! I know this is a first-world problem, but I need gift help.
AynsleyRosalinda AynsleyRosalinda
18-21, F
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I agree.