Something I Spotted In A Film

I was watching a film called District 9, And this film was released in 2009, Anyway one of the aliens in this film tells the man who needs helping because he's in the process of turning into an alien himself, Tells him " I will be back in 3 years time I promise " , And 3 years from 2009 = 2012, To me this is just another sign that something is going to happen in 2012, Also did you know the Simpsons, Terminator 2, And the Matrix all predicted 9/11 before it even happened. If you are reading this and youve never checked anything on You Tube, You should really check " Reptilian on Fox News " and theres countless more vids on You tube explaining what the Reptilians and the illuminati are all about.
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2014 and your delusions aren't obvious at all.

Its 2013 and nothing happened haha.

haha, bullcrap. <br />
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Yeah, the illuminati themselves say that their slaves will and are inable to see the truth before their eeys, because it is too large and grand to believe. <br />
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Just cause the pathetic humans are incapable of such huge feats, does not mean that these halfbreeds are incapable of fooling most everyone.

Thats your opinion, But I assure you it aint bull crap.