If You Are Christian, This Is Why You Should Not Wear The Cross...

The cross is one of satans symbols and an insult to Jesus, WHY? Cas lets just say ( God forbid ) Your mother was killed by a person using an hammer, Would you then wear a symbol of that hammer around your neck to remember the death of your mother? Offcourse not that would be disrespectfull right? Yep time to wake up people. ( Please look up on You Tube " illuminati symbolism " )
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Illuminati I believe wear the cross upside down... That's when it is disrespectful.

I am A Chriatian and alot of my friends are to To Us the Cross is NOT SATANIC!!! It is VICTORY!!!!<br />
Jesus Conquered Death Hell and The Grave and Rose Again He Defeated satan!!<br />
and He is seated in The heavenlies at the right hand of the father,<br />
The Evil that goes on this Earth is Satanic /Demonic satanic demonic forces as it is Satan and His demons domain Untill Jesus destroys it at the Appointed time <br />
But To Us the Cross sybolizes Victory!!! Hallelujah!!!

Only when it's worn upside down is it an occult wearing.

Plus kids watching Lady GaGa 10% dressed live isn't their fault, mainly because she's aiming for full-blown self-ex<x>pression. :)) The children aren't her target market. She's for people who can understand her talent and art form despite how explicit it may be.<br />
<br />
I know she's like. Hardly kid-friendly, but if they're being exposed to her at such a young age, then it's up to their parents to shield their eyes at least 'til their old enough to comprehend. She's mainstream. Mainstream music can't be avoided. Best parents can really do's teach their children how to handle her explicit style of performing, singing and dancing. :))

I'd love to give a long spontaneous lecture on Music and Self-ex<x>pression right now, but I won't, Icebirdclassic. Yes this *may* be a serious issue or whatever, and sure Satan may be bada$s or wicked powerful, but honestly. <br />
<br />
Why do I have to be afraid if I've got God and Jesus? :-j I've heard some biblical evidence in Church that your faith in them's all you need to live, but I can't really cite those. :-j Satan may be strong, and the illuminati *COULD* exist, but I doubt that, but I know for a damn fact that when you've got your faith in Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit and Chrstianity, I don't honestly see the need to be afraid or worried. :-j<br />
<br />
He conquered death once. And beat hell and stuff, (Yeah I already told you I'm still getting used to this whole Christianity thing. :)) Forgive my slang dialct regarding this issue) so why do I have to be afraid of anything. I can listen to GaGa as much as I want. I'm a devout Little Monster. Damnn straight. And the fact that I am starting to go Christian despite my admiration for Lady GaGa just proves that their music has nothing to do with brainwashing my beliefs and ideals towards my religion. ;)

Ok this is to mr drunk text I can tell by your post lol you don't understand the strength of Satan better known to us real followers of Christ as Beelzebub (his real name) lol this can get so deep it's not funny but I'll just say this you gave lady ga ga (a woman who calls her fans her little monsters) Jay Z and Rihanna props as the reason your so called crawling back to Christ. Don't make me "LOL" at something so serious all they do is flood the air waves with mind poison and why would they need p*rn when they have lady ga ga pretty much naked shaken her hairy love middle in the front of our childrens face (lol I said hairy love middle that was funny) he he but back to the real I came on this site looking for the answer on why there are so many people that are clearly not followers or in any case believers of Christ wearing the cross I think I'll check out the YouTube video homeboy suggested earlier I think you should also and open your 3rd eye which is your brain. I love you'll

We'll they also could be wearing the cross to deceive people... When someone speaks of them being aligned with the illuminati the person whom your telling that to won't believe you because they see the person wearing a cross which is supposed to represent Christianity in a positive light...

Why is p'rnography censored... I didn't even swear there.

Actually JackSlash is right.<br />
<br />
To Christians, the death of Jesus Christ was the moment where Satan lost. His death is a good thing, in this case. Sure, they wear the images of a dead beat up son-of-god around their necks, but that's what they're promoting: their belief that the devil lost because one man gave is all to save man kind.<br />
<br />
False Analogy, dude. You don't compare an alleged divine supernatural sin-saving slash reincarnation to your mother being killed by a hammer.<br />
<br />
Besides. If you are all pro-God and anti-devil-demonic whatever, you'd know better than to believe in this. We're enslaved? We're being conned? Dude get a life. Looks to me like you made an account specifically to try to get people to believe in this. Do yourself a favor. You're better off preaching the bible to people than to get them interested in this. <br />
<br />
I'm an avid Lady GaGa fan. I think Jay-Z raps good. I think Rihanna's new album is awesome. But I WAS an atheist, and now I'm slowly crawling back to Christianity. If these people, these symbols and whatevers are supposed to bring Satan or Freemason things in my life, if they are controlling me, tell me. Why am I starting to pray, why am I giving in to Jesus and God and religion, despite my deep admiration for Lady GaGa? <br />
<br />
Dude. Besides. These are symbolisms. Symbolisms are interpreted by many people. To interpret symbols as facts is like considering nude sculptures in museums as soft-core ***********. People have different ways to see these. Y'think I'm wrong? You think they're real. I don't. A million other people do, and a lot of other people don't. Same with how Westerners wear white during weddings, and the Chinese wear white during funerals. The mere fact that that is true proves your whole argument biased and fallacious.

Jack Slash you dont point out the fallacies of my argument, If anything people like you make my argument stronger.