I Hate The Illuminati

Because It's all Bullshhhh to me!

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3 Responses Oct 12, 2010

Actually its not that hard to find concrete evidence that the Illuminati is controlling us and that is not just a bunch of fairy tales. Even you tube has videos about them, what about the whole Iraq war (its caused by part by them and controlled by them) , the whole situation in Africa (if u actually read some history on it u will discover that it used to be a well to do , and self sustaining continent where there was very little poverty) what about GMF (think Monsanto) , WTC , John F Kennedy's weird death etc... The examples are to numerous to list but if u really want more information I can post more. Also since Im from Europe I can tell u for fact that the European Union is also an Illuminati idea.

U gotta be careful when you said history because there is a possibility that the illuminati changed the facts in history so they appear they don't even exist

The truth is it aint bullshit to you, Infact you find it interesting.