Can't Stop Researching!!

About a year ago my son in the military told me a little about this, so I started looking into it and was so totally blown away!! Don't you almost get addicted to researching this once you get it? Just about everything is connected and the information can be overwhelming...but, I can put it down to it's simplest terms....ever since the Garden of Eden, satan has been at work with the human spirit to entice him/her with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life and is still going at it today. First, with the enticement to get the first couple on earth to desire to "make one wise" and "be like God", and now he reaches his talons to every human being with the same old stuff, only with media bombarding our ears everywhere we go, with music everywhere with it's subtle and not-so-subtle messages, "news", entertainment and mind/spirit-destroying wastes of time, such as video games. We have six teenagers and let me tell you, it is so hard to raise them in this world today. I am discouraged that I see so much of the world and it's influences in their lives even though they know of this information, but the enticement is seemingly too great for them at this point....What say you all?
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It is very daughter brought it to my attention she gets upset with me when I discuss it and says mom their going to get you if you don't leave it alone... This really scares people they try to stay away from speaking about it... But it's here!

its called waking up

We all go through a period of depression and/or discouragement when we "awaken," please don't give in to fear or anger because that is exactly what the evil ones want. Yes, Jesus defeated these a-holes in His day, and he gave us the tools to overcome them again, here and now. They want people to think they are everywhere, are invincible, and that the NWO is a fait accompli. This is a lie. <br />
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We are, have always been, more powerful than the demons who wish to control our world. Once enough people awaken, and choose to be on the side of Good rather than the easy, comfy, glamorous side of Evil, then we can and should work to focus all of our mental/spiritual energy to disrupting their plans and ceremonies. Whether you refer to it as intention, meditation or prayer, it is our most powerful weapon in this battle.<br />
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You can sit around waiting for Revelations to come to pass, but I say that's tantamount to admitting defeat. Why not fight for what you know is Right? You can fight to keep your soul, and to keep it pure, and for the souls of those you love. And if enough of us are willing, we can kick these demons and their minions right out of our world, and back into the hell from which they came.

Illuminati society wants you to be prepared for the New world order, it will only control the media.....and the result is people start believing the media only.