Idk if anybody has beard this besides me ..but did you know that the gov't has the power to look into your home via your tv? For instance if you have Dish Network, you'd know what i'm talking about. On the front of your box, where your remote "communicates" with your box, notice there's a little window there? Well yes, it can be (will be and probably is) used as a camera! 

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I've heard of that... And good point ..the cable guy did ask me why I had my hopper in a room that we don't use.. I thought that was strange... When he was only there to repair my cable in one of the bedrooms.

i saw it, but....what's the point?

Please look up on you tube " reptilian on fox news " You will then see a glimpse of whats going on, If you know about the reptilians allready then fair enuf.

the world is going to hell in a handbasket! ...that's why i try not the be "worldly".<br />
<br />
Gosh..after all this time..i mean i know i found it on youtube- i was on a anti-christ illuminati thing for a while lol (not for 'em, but against 'em) idk which video exactly

they might as well make it that you can't even turn them off anymore like in 1984 lol. the world is going to hell fast. where did you find this out btw?

wow..<br />
as i said a bunch of bull *** ****! <br />
this world is going to hell in a handbasket!

LostProphet, look up weather warfare on Youtube and there is a lot of information on how they try to control the weather for war purposes.

i've never heard of weather warfare..<br />
And no-it's not JUST dish, but it's all tv boxes. You know the cable box that went digital? Well it has the same little thing on it. Think about it; since WHEN in the past have you HAD to switch from something (example-switch from analog to digital) and the GOV'T was giving out FREE..i say FREE coupons to get one? SInce when did the damn gov't give a damn about US?? You telling me for no reason AT ALL, the gov't is giving away 100$ FREE coupons to switch to a digital BOX aka. CAMERA?? <br />
<br />
Once i heard it and THOUGHT about made sence. <br />
<br />
And on the music Tip..JayZ's bubble lip ***..has the audacity to say "life starts when the church ends"..."even Jesus can't save us now" his song Empire State of mind...YES..but people STILL try to defend that?? "well it's just don't mean nothing" ...bullshit! Everything has a meaning/purpose! <br />
It's all bull *** **** !

Jay z also stated that he has never read the bible in his life while while he was in the studio recording.. He also calls himself hovah so go figure.. Then Beyoncé has followers whom consider her a deity in Atlanta gs and countries overseas... They say they rather follow and worship someone they can see rather than someone invisible! They are even about to build a church of worship in her name.. They say she is the Christ to come! It's real deep this illuminati thing!

Wow, and what's so crazy about the whole thing is that they're all becoming more brazen in their attempts. Weather warfare is extremely on the rise in North Korea and is being used around here as well. The Bible has already predicted how it will all end.

CHEM TRAILS. In Bako (hometown) yesterday...the planes-I lost count after 43 stripes across the skies and that was just a period of a few hours. <br />
I KNOW about weather warfare.<br />
I have always said it will have a movie ending.

I agree, BrutMystic, there were rumors but I don't think they're rumors. I think it's true, even non-cable TVs can have cameras in them. It'll be a sad day when they turn on the skies or maybe they're already there because that may be why they always want to go to space all the time or why they're dabbling in weather warfare. It makes you question all that you know and all the powers that be.

I have Direct TV.<br />
But, I have heard this since I was before there was cable (yeah, I am old). There was a rumor circulating that somehow...everyone's TV had a camera in it. That seemed farfetched.<br />
But what you are talkking about does seem possible. They have already set the stage for an event that will disable everyone's freedoms. Just wait. Wiat until they turn on the skies....

Wow, and I was thinking about getting DishNetwork but now I've changed my mind. I know they find all kinds of ways to control you.