Who Is The Terrorist?!!!!!

When the war started on Iraq in 2003 I was around 13 year old and I remember that I used to watch the news about Iraq and I couldn’t get why there is a war on them, but without fully understanding  I knew that it is an unfair war and that it is my place to support Iraq, because it was obvious for me that innocent people are getting killed without the slightest reason, I realized this at that age, which makes me wonder how there are people who aren’t able to realize this fact? how there are people who are so convinced that the US is doing Iraq a favor that they are doing the right thing!! Are you so damn blind? The funniest thing I’ve heard the other day but I really can’t remember who said it, anyway it was from the American side, he said that if anything the US is doing Iraq a favor, that they accomplished democracy in Iraq, that they got rid of Sadam for the sake of Iraq, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Then later at the end of 2006, I didn’t like it when Saddam got executed, even though I knew he was bad, and of course I wasn’t a supporter of him, but I didn’t like that it came from the US, and because at that time I was able to realize that the reason behind getting rid of Saddam wasn’t democracy but controlling Iraq, destroying it, killing innocent Iraqis and OF COURSE AND ABOVE ALL, CONTROLLING ITS MARKET, STEALING ITS RESOURCES AND ITS OIL!
So What Exactly the Iraqi people should be thankful for, they should be thankful for that? Saddam was bad but the US is WORSE!

You know, Iraqi people are known among Arabs that they aren’t easy people, they are known for their strong heart and strong personalities, or at least that’s what I know about them, and that what the war proved, I’m proud to say that Iraqis gave the US army a hard time in Iraq, maybe Iraq is the most country that kicked the US army *** while the war on them. Any US soldier who “survived” he either became mentally ill, or an alcoholic, and I’m happy and proud of that!
You think this is heartless? Why am I happy and proud of that?
Well watch the next videos and tell me if the US soldiers who were in Iraq deserve any kind of sympathy or mercy from any normal sensible fair human being!!! They only thing they deserve is HELL for putting innocent people through hell!


No it was God’s will, even if it is something bad, we don’t have God’s knowledge, and of course God intended for this to happen for something beyond our knowledge, it was God’s well because this is what we believe in:
Prophet Muhammad said: "True faith is to believe in Allah, His angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and in divine destiny (qada wa qadar), its good and its evil." So we have to accept the good and the bad, he also said “whoever doesn’t believe in the divine destiny, its good and its evil, is not from us (not a Muslim), so when she said Inshallah, what she meant is that this is God’s will and that when God wills again for everything to be fine, everything will be alright.


So tell me, have the US accomplished democracy by now?

No NO as you see their troops were just walking in the streets killing the people “you know having fun firing at people” and then they get congratulated for killing innocent people, and you call Muslims terrorists?!!
Seriously people why are you so BLIND?
Why have you become so BRAIN WASHED that you can’t see the truth presented in front of you?
Having watching this, who is the real terrorist? Do you realize that Muslims are the ones who have been killed over here and there and at the end they are called “terrorists”!!!!!

Muslims are called terrorists when not the churches not the Synagogues or the temples BUT the mosques are what getting destroyed and bombed! So let me get this straight for you: our holy places are getting bombed and invaded but you know “we are the terrorists here”, right?
The US keeps sending troops everywhere  saying that they are fighting terrorism, I seriously think troops should be sent to the US, but we are not gonna be the same killing innocent Americans, I think these troops should go and destroy the SICK terrorist US government!!!


Now all of these are former US soldiers talking about what they have done, I think there is no discussion here, no doubt here, everything is clear!
I don’t think they could be proud of their service, proud of what?!!!! Of destroying other people’s life?!!!

Another point I'd like to add, I just want to say SHAME ON Qatar's president, Hamad bin Kalifa, as Iraq was getting bombed from QATAR by the US military bases in there!!!!!!!!!! An Arab Islamic country is helping in bombing another Arab Islamic country! SUCH A SHAME!! They should have made a revolution against that idiot! Seriously, if Qatar is doing this, then I guess we shouldn’t be surprised of what the US is doing!

By the end of 2011 the US army will be completely out of Iraq, no democracy or justice have been achieved, but leaving Iraq a destroyed country, leaving broken hearted smashed people, but I’m sure they will recover, long live Iraq.


Oh esh qad helwah hal horeyah (Oh, how beautiful is freedom).        
Close my eyes, I can still hear my ummi (Mother) saying.

Ana isme Kareem, (My name is Kareem).
Wa ohmre thalatha wa-’ishrun, (and I’m 23 year old).
Umi min Baghdad, wa abuya min Dover, (My mother is from Baghdad, and my father is from Dover).
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3 Responses Nov 17, 2011

The whole thing is setting the stage for NEW WORLD ORDER!! People have to open there eyes an fight the governments off the world before it's to late,,, t

Wow, that is powerful stuff. Makes me a little sick to my stomache, but you really need to look at ourselves in the mirror. One must be so careful about what they believe in the main stream media, it makes these people look like heros. But then we must remember in Nazi Germany, the people who ran the gas chambres where considered heros. Thank you for having the courage to speak up for your beliefs.

Exactly! If we compare current issues and crisis with the history, we will realize that our current people are just as murderer as those history people! But you know what, we do not realize such facts until it is over, because the media plays a big role in deceiving the people, I'm sure that the generations coming after us will look back and say what happened in Iraq was injustice and murdering, because they will have a focus mind that is able to judge fairly away from the media and away from the circumstances that we are living and might affect our judgment, but a person should look for the truth himself and not let anyone dictate it to him, I’ll have the courage to stand up for justice even if this justice was for the US, it doesn’t matter as long it is justice!

Minds have been manipulated by the media for many years and it's done so subtlely that people don't realise until it's too late, and this is for the media all over the world at some time or another.

Long live Iraq.

viva Iraq