OKAY, Jamiecr07 and others like this shithead...
You aren't perfect. SO before you go judging people and making them feel even worse about their life, realize that your pathetic *** is on this website for a reason!! you must have something wrong in your life to find a website like this to vent.....

example: "how to people like you survive"?

Excuse me, we are having a rough time and trying to figure out how to survive, but ******* like you make it worse and you need to go over to yahoo answers and be an *******, ITS NOT WANTED HERE!

example: "maybe she enjoys being treated badly and then whining about it?...yes some people are that pathetic."

HAHA, your life is pathetic if the only thing you have to do is get on here and *****. You don't know what she went through... people like her have faith in people and want to give 2nd chances. If something is broken, you fix it, not throw it away. Decisions like that are hard, and sometimes you just need someone to understand. Maybe she came and joined this website because she needed somebody to understand! not somebody to tell her what the **** she already knows.

I hope nothing gets better for you, you are so ******* hateful. get the **** off of this website! because i think everyone agrees that you wanted here!
stressedtothemaxmaddi stressedtothemaxmaddi
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2014