The Mormon Church Of Lies

The Mormon Corporate Empire.

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This video says it all, clearly and directly. You cannot avoid the truth: the church was built on lies and continues to lie to protect its revenues and assets.
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Thank you for providing that video! It is great to hear from other former mormons and listen to their stories of "how" and "why" they left the church.

All of you are headed towards eternal pain and agony for your lies.

I am not a citizen of the United States of America, so I have no invested interest in attacking Mitt Romney or any other high profile Mormon.<br />
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I am not a former member of the church, so I have so personal vendetta against it as a whole or any specific member, although there are a few that I am less than fond of at this time.<br />
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What I am though is the former husband of a woman whom I believe was lured, seduced, and maybe even brainwashed by a man from Utah, a Mormon who turned her away from her real family to embrace a cult mentality of brothers and sisters that has isolated her from the rest of the real world. She severed all ties with those people who loved her, adored her, and even admired her to instead devote her time and energy to this cult. She has done this so much so in fact that she has turned her back on her own daughters, having placed both her new faith and her personal needs ahead of the children's most basic emotional requirements.<br />
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I will not claim that I did not have anything to do in the breakdown and eventual collapse of our marriage, in fact I will be the first to say that it was my fault that it went as far as it did. This left her vulnerable to the lies of a single man on behalf of a church that the more I learn about the more I come to realise was built on lies and survives through the continuation of these lies.<br />
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After 14 months of separation, countless legal and social attacks against me all meant to see me removed from the lives of our daughters so that she can gain full control and indoctrinate them into her (his) new faith, I know that she is forever lost to me. My only reason to fight as much as I am today is to see my daughters grow up free from the brainwashing forced upon the children of the members, a brainwashing that I personally witnessed first-hand. The three hours spent in temple, and the last hour sitting at the back of the classroom with my oldest daughter being told about spirits, evil, the devil and countless other views left me with the only possible course of action available to a truly caring parent. To fight to keep them safe and free to explore the universe on their own terms, and not be slaves to the mentality of a select few narrow-minded, egoistical and deceitful few.<br />
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Although I have never been part of the church in any way, I am a strong believer in that the church as a whole was created on lies and continues to operate through more lies, some told to potential new members and others forced upon their own members to keep them under control and blind as to what it is they are truly following.

.I am a ex-lds member & now lds HATER too ! add me ! I can't add you, e-mail or post on your whiteboard (?)

I have TRUE hate for the Mormon church & dislike the lives it has screwed with (mine included). I hate that they lie to people who are considered Members about what REALLY goes on in the temples ! It's a bunch of **** ! Maybe if this was still the 1800's & people were trying to keep their "secrets" they would have secret names, ceremonies, passwords & secret 'handshakes'. They need to wake-up ! It is the 21st century & nothing is secret anymore ! Everyone knows their 'secrets', but their financial 'house of cards' may FINALLY get some more scrutiny with that ******* Mitt Romney running for President ! I hope that he is 'outed' with the rest of them !