We Must Stand Against The Darkness

The sister of a coworker, who had just gone through a very nasty breakup with her boyfriend of almost 5 years, had been approached by Mormon missionaries.  This caused a lot of troubles and issues through the majority of the family.  As my coworker talked about this, I mentioned my own opinion and repeated dealings with the LDS and offered some of my research into them.  Since the family debates had become so heated, I was asked, as a friend, to go to next family dinner and offer an outside point of view into the entire matter.

This is what the sister was told and held onto to prove her point: "You need to separate yourself from those who would deny you your right and freedom to join the Church."

I had to point out to her that for all intents and purposes they were saying that she had to abandon her family, the same people who had been there through the roughest parts of her life, so that she could join a new "family", one that truly cared for nothing more than having a new member join their cult.  Both her mother and sister recalled the days and weeks they had spent together following the still-birth of her child and how now the family had come together to help support following the separation.

"If your family truly loves you, they will allow you to do what you want and not deny the desire and need of your soul," she added in tears, quoting the missionaries. When I heard this I felt physically ill, unable to wrap my head around just how desperate these people are to destroy a family to get a single new member.

I pointed out, as a mother, that it was because I love my children that I would do everything to protect them from this kind of non-sense, and that her own family was acting in the exact same manner. I did my best to make her see what these missionaries were trying to do, to force a wedge between her and her family so that she would have no other choice but to fall back on their offer for help. This would leave her to be nothing more than a pawn in their twisted game and without her real family to be there to help.

By the end of the evening, she had collapsed in tears, hugged everyone including me and thanked us for having saved her from making a terrible mistake. She has vowed to never again meet with any Mormon unless she is accompanied by a member of her family and understands why they always travel in pairs or groups; this gives them an advantage that most people do not realize.

She was very lucky, in that her family cared enough to do everything they could to make her see the truth about the LDS/Mormon cult and their ways of destroying families to achieve their goal.  Yes I did use the word CULT because, as many others do, I believe them to be just that.

It is my hope that this experience will open the eyes of others to this despicable method and warn all of just how sick and twisted this cult can be.
WrathAngel WrathAngel
36-40, F
Dec 14, 2012