I Used To . . .

like it.  Now everything screams "You don't belong here."  Especially after they renovated it.  Now its escalators to every floor.  As if no one could use the stairs.  And they want you to buy stuff but they do not treat you like you are a princess anymore.  Its more like, "We wonder if you have money."  Give me all your money.  The only store I like is Radio Shack or GNC.  The bookstore is way too crowded and small.  And the lounge area is now for kids to play in the fountain. 

The worst is these people from Isreal who try to get you to buy their crap by being really friendly and asking you if you want some lotion.  Then they make you feel guilty because they are so nice, so why don't you come and buy a whole jar?   "Special deal, just for you!" they say.  They always make you feel like they won't be making a profit, but they want so much for you to have it.  After all, you are so dry skinned and they know it.  Avoid, avoid, avoid!  Avoid them like the plague.

Gwen110 Gwen110
36-40, F
Feb 22, 2010