Im not really sure how I’m supposed to start one of these vents, but here I go. I hate myself. I hate and loathe every cell in my body, but even more than that I hate how I look. My face is the principal part of me which I hate. I look at it and I say, “Wow, do I feel sorry for other people who have to look at this.” But what really gets me going is attractive people, especially physically attractive people. Its not that I hate attractive people, or that I am out to get them , its just that I am jealous. And who wouldn’t be? What person on this earth doesn’t want to be wanted, desired, stared at, hit on, or repeatedly asked out? I recently went to my college’s gym yesterday and was in awe of what I saw there. Now as a guy it wasn’t the muscular guys who I got jealous of, it was the girls. Now its not like these girls were like fitness gurus who you see on tv, but they were for a lack of better word, perfect. Every part of them from their hair, face, legs, etc was like it was plucked from a glamour magazine and placed right there in the gym. And after looking at attractive people, especially girls I wonder, what are their lives like? For attractive people, regardless of gender have it easy in this world. From a young age everybody fawned over them, wanted to be their friend or gave them attention. They were better liked, more popular, got more dates, got laid more, etc. Now for the people reading this, I am not trying to seem bitter or anger, but just trying to imagine how much my life would be easier, if I was easier on the eyes; if I didn’t have the severe appearance deficits, which I do have. To me being an attractive person, is like shopping at a store where everything is free, and where all the salespeople wait on your every hand and foot. I often wished that I was more pleasing to look at, maybe then some people would give a few looks my way. But then again, we can’t live in our fantasies, some of us have to wake up and live our nightmares.
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