Did you ever cook a meal that turned out just not tasty AT ALL?   I did .  BUMMER!   Bar-B-Q chicken..I tried a new sauce ..gross. Blah and a waste of a poor chicken  who died for my dinner. Sorry Mr chicken.   Maybe I'll just dip it in catsup..couldn't  make it any worse then it is.  BLAH.frown Suck_a-roni
wiseowl wiseowl
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5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

That's good! Down with alllll sauce you don't like! Outback is wonnnnnderful! Great food. I know you had a great time .. good decision :) xox

Totally..I'll go out for Chinese any day.I never used that sauce again since I wrote this.I took the kids to the Outback steak house last week..now that's great finger lickin BarBQ...

No problem! Let's put it down for the dog and go out for some chinese :) xox

You too? Isn't that just depressing? I used a brand called, 'KC Masterpiece'.It was a master mess..I usually make my own sauce & didn't feel like it. Good thing I didn't have company coming over.The older I get the worse I cook anyway. I believe we lose our knack if we don't cook constantly.My speciality was pies..Now I'm afraid I'll mess one up. I pass my cooking crown to my daughter..wah!

Wiseowl, You just made my day. I thought I was the only one that could mess up something that I first thought was simple. Now I know there are at least four of us.