Hurry Up And Wait

That's all it ever is. Hurry up and wait. My husband had 10 days leave during his deployment. We were so excited to see each other after 8 months of being apart. I got everything ready for him at home while he sat in an airport waiting on his flight. His plane never showed up. He had to go back to base and wait until the next day. We were filled with saddness, anger and frustration. Luckily, the following day, his plane showed like it was supposed to. I guess 9 days was better than none.
Now, it's time for his homecoming. The whole brigade has been split up and they are coming home in groups. Some of the soldiers came home this morning, which is great, but there are so many of us just sitting here waiting. First, we were told, our group would be home Friday. Then, it was Thursday or Friday. Then, it was Thursday. The last word was they will be home Friday or Saturday. I think my head is going to explode. I just want a set date and my husband home. I wish they would get their **** together just once. What is sooooo hard about that?!

We're back to Thursday now.
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Sep 24, 2012